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The cover of the board book Mommy's Love.

Mommy’s Love


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As time goes by, you should know:
Mommy’s love will only grow.

This tender poem reinforces the message that no matter a child’s strengths or weaknesses, whether they succeed or fail, Mommy’s love never falters. With adorable art showcasing a variety of family scenarios that will be familiar to any parent, Mommy Loves You makes it clear that a mother’s love is unconditional.

If you’re strong . . . or if you’re not,
you’re the dearest one she’s got.

About Anastasia Galkina

Anastasiya Galkina writes children's fiction, most notably the Dinosaur Time Travel series. She lives in Moscow, but her works are known and loved by children in Russia, China, and the US.

About Ekaterina Ladatko

Product Details

Page Count: 20
ISBN-10: 1641706651
ISBN-13: 9781641706650
Product Format: Board book

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