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Around the World in 7 Stews

September 23rd marked the first day of Autumn. Along with pumpkin picking, corn mazing, and hay rides, the need for warm comfort food is slowly sinking in. There’s certainly nothing better than coming home to a warm bowl of stew after a long day of work.


Let’s welcome this fall season with some hearty stews!



My family proudly embraces our Polish heritage. Growing up, my mother made Polish food a lot, especially during the holidays. Bigos is the classic Polish stew. Although it can be ready in an hour and a half, simmering the stew the whole day increases flavor. A traditional recipe can be found here.


Ash-e jow


When was the last time you tried a Persian dish? The warm barley and lentil soup is perfect to soothe those hunger pains and replenish your depleted energy. Filled with high fiber grains and vegetables, this recipe should easily become a favorite as the weather turns cold. Here’s the recipe.


Kaddo Borani


Love pumpkin? Love new recipes with pumpkin? Try this delicious, light stew. Creamier and softer than most stews, this pumpkin dish is ready in less than thirty minutes. With hunks of pumpkin or squash (or both) amidst common flavors like tomato and coriander, this stew mixes the old and new to bring a refreshing start to Autumn. Look at the recipe here.


Goat Roti

I am not a big fan of goat, but this curry stew brews a whole new flavor. If you’ve never tried Jamaican curry, it is vastly different from the curries of Thailand and India. Jamaican curry has a spicy, sweet, savory flavor which fulfills all of your taste bud’s requirements. This curry stew is a fancier, more expensive dish, usually served on special occasions. Feel free to substitute lamb, beef or more vegetables for the goat meat. Read the recipe here.




This Brazilian salted cod stew perfectly preserves the fish flavor while incorporating other flavorful twists. The coconut milk and tomatoes’ juice provide a silky surrounding for the cod while the chilies, scallions and garlic quickly heat up the pallet. Unlike the previous stews listed, this recipe is served over rice, providing another unique approach to the fall season. Find the recipe here.



How could we neglect red beans up until this point? Well, I was saving that special ingredient for this dish. An easy Dominican stew, this will quickly become a favorite through the incorporation of popular flavors. The red beans provide a creamy base which is surrounded by the rich flavors of meat and vegetables. It may not sound original, but wait until you try it. Discover more about the recipe here.


Poulet Provençal

Hailing from the South of France, this recipe uses classic ingredients and packs in a fullness of flavor. The chicken is simmered in olive oil, wine, and tomatoes, creating the elegant base which is later enhanced by herbs and other ingredients. This hearty recipe kisses summer flavors goodbye and welcomes the satisfying spices of Autumn. Find the recipe here.


Autumn is a time of transition: the leaves fall, the weather grows colder, and we return to work and school while thoughts of summer vacation gradually fade into distant memories. It’s also the perfect time to introduce your taste buds to new adventures, for Autumn is also a season of growth and exploration.


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