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A Father and Daughter Memory 1964

A Father and Daughter Memory 1964

MaryAnn Faubion Kohl (1947 -)
Daughter of John Ross Faubion (1915-1969) and Betty Fritzlen Faubion (1924-1981)

I vividly remember the most special gift my dad ever gave to me — me as a young woman and not just a little girl any longer. We walked into our local small town jewelry store to browse the jewelry cases, just passing the time waiting for my mom to finish shopping in the drug store next door. I caught sight of a necklace that took my breath away — a scalloped gold chain design with pearls between each scallop. My dad and I had not shopped alone together before, and the whole event seemed wonderfully warm and special. Then Dad announced that he wanted to buy the necklace for me, a thought that had never occurred to me in my wildest dreams. I think he was as surprised by his actions and I was. 

Teary-eyed, he placed it in my hands as he told me I more than deserved it, that I had been a perfect daughter and that he loved me, the words softly delivered. “I love you, Baby. This necklace is as beautiful as you are.” He was not one to openly exchange such words, such feelings, though his sensitivity and warmth were well known. We were both moved and awed by the moment. 

I have loved that beautiful necklace ever since; it is a design of which I’ve never grown tired no matter what the fashion trends may be. This necklace is the only piece of jewelry my dad ever gave to me. I wore it at my wedding when he walked me down the aisle. How was I to know he would depart this life only eight months later? 

Though I have many treasured pieces of jewelry given to me by very special people, this piece with its memories firmly attached to each link is the one I treasure most. I still wear it from time to time, look at it often, and both my daughters are already discussing its future owner. 

MaryAnn F. Kohl is the author and publisher of over 20 books about art for children. You can visit her website for sample art ideas from all her books.

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