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Brooke Jordan

8 Secrets of super moms

Trick #1 – Freeze the PB

Peanut butter sandwiches won’t get soggy if you freeze them.  Pack them in a lunch, and they’ll defrost just in time for your child to enjoy a perfectly fresh lunch. I try to keep some in my freezer to stuff in my purse on the way out the door in case my errands stretch into the lunch hour. This super trick will help you fend off the drive-thru.

Trick #2 – Which one first?

When you offer a child a choice of foods and they want more than one, never give them a lecture about how they can’t eat that much. Instead, using your best customer service tone, ask “Which one would you like first?” Invariably they fall for this trick and pleasantly make a choice. Of course, we all know what happens before they’ve finished eating their first choice. Super moms are wily!

Trick #3 – Xylitol

My dentist introduced me to xylitol, a natural sweetener that is good for your teeth.  Yes good for your teeth.  Xylitol “inhibits growth, adhesion and metabolism of major decay-causing bacteria.”  It’s even okay to eat xylitol after you brush! This is super because you can bribe your children with lollipops (https://www.drjohns.com/) without racking up guilt or dental bills.

Trick #4 – Jump roping

If you have only an infant, it’s still possible to get in a good run (with baby strapped in jogger). Once your baby learns to walk, though, this exercise plan will probably run into problems. If you don’t have money for a gym that offers daycare, the second best thing is a jump rope. For years, my exercise routine was to jump rope 15 minutes, do 50 lunges and two sets of sit-ups and push-ups. Not only is this quick, it can be done inside or out, with children playing nearby, and even when traveling. Best of all, it helps you look super.

Trick #5 – Car supply bin

Every mother needs a plastic storage bin in her vehicle filled with water, snacks, diapers, wipes, bandages, books, toys and hand sanitizer.


Trick #6 – Relish Monday mornings

When you’re a mom, a relaxing day with the family can be the most tiring day of the week. After a weekend of “rest,” Monday morning is the time to take a deep breath. Once the spouse and kids are off to school, sit at your desk or on your couch and revel in the quiet. Most importantly, never feel guilty about this.

Trick #7 – Divide the to-do list

Most mothers feel overwhelmed from time to time, which is why it’s super wise to divide your to-do list into must-do tasks and want-to-do items. Be honest with yourself. Crafting cute party favors for your child’s birthday is a want-to-do. Grocery shopping is a must-do. Most of us have a lot more ideas than free-time to carry them out. That’s okay. When I divide my to-do list, it helps me see that I can keep up with the musts. It also helps me better appreciate the extras that I do manage to fit in.   

Trick #8 – Learn from Super Moms
Actually, many of my tricks were gleaned from other super moms, especially the more experienced ones. Your own mother is a good resource, but it’s helpful to also spend time around women who are still in the thick of parenting. A few great places to make mommy friends are the school bus stop, your place of worship, PTA meetings, soccer sidelines and library story time. Another option is finding a local playgroup online, but I recommend first looking for friends the old-fashioned way.  

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