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8 Delicious Recipes Your Kids Can Make

Once you’ve got your kids hooked on cooking, and they’ve grown a few years older, they’ll be chefs for life.

To help you get your kids on track to a life free of TV dinners and packaged ramen noodles, we’ve put together a list of kid-friendly recipes that they’ll love making as much as they’ll love eating. With this, there’ll never be a time of day where your mini-chefs aren’t in the kitchen, helping you out with the “gourmet meal” of the day.

1.) Fluffy French Toast

2.) Grilled Cheese Rollups

3.) Mini Turkey Burgers

4.) Kid-Sized Pizzas

5.) Smiley Face Casserole

6.) Monkey Bread

7.) Hasty Chocolate Pudding

8.) M&M Cookies


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