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7 Tips for His First Father’s Day

Here are some tips for making the most of his initiation into the world of dads.

Make a big deal out of it.

Dedicated fatherhood is something to be celebrated, especially in a world where so many children live without a male presence in their lives. It is sad that such an essential role in the family is often reduced to a last minute, quickly forgotten holiday. On his first Father’s Day especially, make sure he knows how special his job as dad is.

Embrace (or reinvent) a cliché.

Does Dad truly need a couple of new ties? Does he need a new coffee mug (maybe emblazoned with “#1 Dad”)? Or do you just want to see his face when he receives the typical Father’s Day treatment? Either way, don’t feel that clichés should be avoided at all costs. For the first Father’s Day in particular, these time-worn ideas may seem like an entrance into the world of being a dad.

Start a tradition.

Now is the time to begin the infamous, tacky tie collection that dads seem to accumulate. Whether you choose to gift him homemade socks as a running gag or visit the same restaurant each year, establishing a fun tradition will give the new father something to look forward to annually. Of course, surprises outside the tradition are welcome, too!

Remind him of his importance in your life.

The focus of the day is on his relationship with his child, but it doesn’t hurt to celebrate your relationship with your husband, too. For fathers who may sometimes feel that they have been supplanted by their child, reminders that they are still a part of your team can be invaluable.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Father’s Day provides the perfect excuse to stage a mini photo shoot. You both will cherish the visual memories as parents, and your child will also love having those keepsakes. Hopefully, first time fathers will be proud enough to ham it up for the camera! Browse the Internet for cute photo ideas, or recreate one of your childhood photos.

Don’t forget grandpa.

First time grandpas are bound to be bursting at the seams, so include them in the festivities! Staging shots of three (or more!) generations will create pictures the entire family will cherish, and in the best case scenario, there will be multigenerational father-child bonding time. “Proud grandpa” gifts and crafts will also make his day.

Frame an artsy reminder of his reason to celebrate.

New fathers will love to show off their new baby at work, and framing a reminder will give him the perfect opportunity to do so. Photos and footprints are just some examples of conversation starters that will create a chance for him to brag about his new reason to smile.

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