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5 Tips to Celebrating Your Friend’s Wedding When You Are Still Single

Show up in style. Don’t let going solo steer you away from celebrating your friend’s wedding. This is a milestone day, and she wants to share it with you. Dress sharp and be noticed. People will be taking pictures all night and sharing them on social media. Plus, you never know who you might meet at the reception.
Count you cocktails. Your goal is to have a fun at your friend’s wedding, but be careful not to drink too much. There may be times when you feel a little awkward without a plus one, but avoid using the open bar as a safety net. Fill these uncomfortable moments with small tasks to assist the bride, like taking extra pictures or salvaging a table decoration after a drink spills.
Get the most out of celebrating. Enjoy the food and help yourself to seconds. Mingle and dance. Mr. Right might be at your friend’s wedding, so don’t stay lurking in the shadows the entire time. If your friend is having a destination wedding, explore the area and treat it as a mini-vacation.
Keep your chin up. Avoid talking about how single you are at your friend’s wedding. If people ask where your guest is, be direct but positive, and focus on the future relationships you could be making at the reception.
Remember why you’re there. It can be difficult showing up at a wedding when you are single, but don’t forget why you’re there. You’re there to celebrate your friend’s love and witness her special day. Focus on your friend’s moment, and you’ll get your turn later.

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