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4 Egg-cellent Recipes

Eggs can be eaten for lunch or dinner, as a dessert or even as a drink! The following are some egg-cellent recipes that you can make for any time of the day.


1. Vegetable Egg Foo Young

Egg foo young is a Chinese omelet with vegetables, bean sprouts, and sometimes meat. Here is a vegetarian version of egg foo young by One Perfect Bite.


2. Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup, also known as egg flower soup, is a Chinese soup made from wispy beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth. The Food Network gives us a simple recipe to follow for making egg drop soup.


3. Egg Tart

Egg tart is a pastry made of an outer crust filled with an egg custard found in Portugal, England, Hong Kong, and various Asian countries. Annielicious Food provides a Chinese version of an egg tart.


5. Eggnog

Eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink made with milk or cream, sugar, and whipped eggs. You can find the recipe here at Allrecipes.com.


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