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18 Easy DIY Projects to Keep Your Kitchen Organized



With beginning of the school year can come lots of stress and disorganization, especially in the kitchen as lunches are packed during the harried rush of the morning. Here are 15 quick, easy, and cheap DIY kitchen projects that will vamp up the organization in your kitchen and make your life a little bit easier. No matter what you decide to do to organize yourself, most of these ideas are fairly cheap as well as simple.

1. Decorate and use empty boxes to store soup cans.


2. Use old plastic hangers as DIY chip bag clips.

3. Use tension rods to help you organize your cookie sheets, cutting boards, and other flat kitchenware that can be stored vertically.

4. Seal plastic bags with water bottle tops.

5. Put a lazy Susan in the fridge to be able to access all of your food easily. No more finding forgotten vegetables rotting on the back of the shelves!


6. Hang measuring cups inside a cupboard door for easy access when cooking.

7. Store plastic bags from grocery stores in a wipes container and reuse them to contain kids’ school lunches or to line small trash cans.


8. Store knives in bamboo skewers.

9. Use chalkboard paint to paint the lids of your spice containers. This way you’ll be able to write the names of the spices on top, and you’ll always know what they are at a glance.

10. Use CD holders to hold Tupperware lids. No more time spent looking for a matching container and lid while packing school lunches.


11. DIY a magnetic spice rack. This is another useful way to store your spices without confusion.

12. Have a pull-out cutting board over your trash can.


13. Use an over-the-door shoe holder to hold snacks. It will make it easier to grab snacks for kids when you’re in a hurry.

14. Keep essential baking ingredients in a pull-out drawer for easy access while cooking!


15. Use T-molding to hold wine glasses and other stemware.

16. Use towel racks to store pot lids on the inside doors of your cupboards.


17. Convert a cupboard into a pull-out trash can. Now you can keep that unsightly, smelly garbage out of sight!

18. If you’re feeling especially creative, try doing this cheap DIY chalkboard wall in your kitchen! This is an adorable way to add some character to your kitchen, and will provide a convenient place for you to write down reminders, recipes, the weekly dinner menu, or anything else you want. Learn how to do it here.

If an entire wall is a bit too ambitious for you, you can also update old kitchen furniture with chalkboard paint to use as a chalkboard menu.

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