The days have come where you prefer being outside rather than in. You can stay out as late as you want without even needing a sweatshirt. It’s the perfect time for barbecues and outdoor parties. Unfortunately, your backyard may be in no shape to host any sort of outing besides a restoration convention. Give yourself a summer project that you will be able to enjoy by the end of this warm season. Give your patio some pizzazz, and get ready to show it off. Here are 17 different patios you can recreate that your family will love.


Forest Environment, Patios with Pizazz
source: Houzz

Forest Environment

Even if you don’t live in the forest, planting trees around your patio and using log posts and distressed wood flooring, could give it the woodsy feel you want.


Bricked In, Patios with Pizazz
source: Bohemian Twilight

Bricked In

Brick flooring and walkways completely enhance the atmosphere.


Pop Art, Patios with Pizazz
source: Houzz

Pop Art

Make your outdoor furniture pop with a coat of bright colors.


Details, Details, Patios with Pizazz
source: Mackenzie Pages

Details, Details

A mirror, a textured rug, and a few hanging lanterns might be all you need to revamp your patio. Sometimes the details matter.


The Finer Things, Patios with Pizazz
source: Pinterest

The Finer Things

If you are looking for a soft, luxurious escape, paint your furniture white and distress it, hang some lace or tool curtains, add a vase of hydrangeas, and place a chandelier right in the middle.


Vine-Covered, Patios with Pizazz
source: Apartment Therapy


Plant some vines to cover the walls surrounding the patio, and even a simple table and chairs will feel like a private getaway.


Accent Pieces, Patios with Pizazz
source: Achados de Decoracao

Accent Pieces

Is your patio a little too dull? Add some accent pieces such as bright art, pillows, or chairs. Save on flooring and give it a unique texture with pebbles.


Theme It, Patios with Pizazz
source: House of Turquoise

Theme It

Maybe you like the 1950’s diner era. Add some red strips. Paint the adjacent wall of your home to liven it up even more. Add a string of lights for the perfect night venue.


Small Spaces, Patios with Pizazz
source: Home Talk

Small Spaces

If you don’t have a lot of room, add flooring to an area with stones. Save money on furniture by using your old, inexpensive pool chairs, and paint them to go with the new look.

Garden Escape, Patios with Pizazz
source: Pinterest

Garden Escape

Hang your plants around your patio. It will not only make it more serene, but help block the bright sun. Recycle your old furniture with a coat of paint.


DIY Decor, Patios with Pizazz
source: Apartment Therapy

DIY Décor

Cover some outdoor cushions with bright fabric, and hang some of your homemade décor.

Luxurious Retreat, Patios with Pizazz
source: Danielle Oakey Interiors

Luxurious Retreat

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are always hits at barbeques and parties. Make it as simple or as nice as your budget allows.

Swing Life Away. Patios with Pizazz
source: Etsy

Swing Life Away

Simply adding a swing to your patio can add loads of appeal.

Fancy Fort
source: Pineapple Bliss

Fancy Fort

Make yourself a grownup fort on the patio with a teepee or nice tent. Add your own touches, and get back to your inner adventurer and make-believer this summer.


Built with a Budget, Patios with Pizazz
source: Pinterest

Built with a Budget

Paint your old lawn chairs, and add some cushions. Add some flower pots. Put up a few curtains with a string and clothes pins. An upgraded patio does not need to pull a bank job.


Floor Mural, Patios with Pizazz
source: Pinterest

Floor Mural

Don’t have room in the budget for new flooring. Give it a paint job or paint a mural on it. You’ll have yourself a new and unique space.

Living Space, Patios with Pizazz
source: Pinterest

Living Space

Do not let your patio go to wasted space. It may become your favorite room of the house. Expose some brick, add some seating, install a swing, make yourself an outdoor coffee table, and let your decorating talents run wild.



Grab an idea that you like from one of these pictures. If it works for your patio, get your project going. Give your family an outdoor space you can all enjoy together this summer.