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15 Children’s Books for Dad to Read with the Little Ones

Dads hold a treasured spot in the hearts of little ones. Special memories with your dad may include playing catch, visiting his work, going to school events, or lazy weekend afternoons at home. Perhaps they  include story-time before bed or reading as a family. In honor of Father’s Day, here are fifteen great children’s books the man of the house can enjoy with his youngsters that focus on Dad’s cherished role.

1. Daddy Hugs (Classic Board Books) – Karen Katz

Daddy Hugs is a sweet little counting story that is perfect for babies and toddlers.

2. The Night Before Father’s Day

The night before any holiday is often a time of preparation and excitement! Father’s Day brings that eager expectancy of a mom and kids, as they get ready to surprise Dad on his special day. A happy read for the family!

3. Just Me and My Dad – Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer’s “Little Critter” stories are endearing and teach important lessons to children with the humor of a young child. Just Me and My Dad is a wonderful story of a young boy’s camping trip with his dad. Little Critter learns lessons about love and growing up.

4. When You Were Small – Sara O’Leary

This is a sweet book about a bedtime chat between a boy and his father. The father helps his son remember the neat aspects of being young, telling him exciting and cute tales of when his son was small. This is a great choice for bedtime with the little ones.

5. My Dad Loves Me! – Marianne Richmond

This is a fun board book of various animal children and their daddies!

6. Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney

McBratney tells of the unconditional and immeasurable love between “Little Nutbrown Hare” and “Big Nutbrown Hare” in a story that will resonate with any parent or child. This is a classic.

7. My Dad Took Me Fishing Today – Kurt S. Browning

Children tend to have a remarkable ability to find joy in the little things. My Dad Took Me Fishing Today shows the special bond between a father and son and how much their time together means.

8. The Ten Best Things About My Dad – Christine Loomis

In this story, a young boy tells several reasons why his dad is so great, concluding with the simple reason that he is his dad! This is a heart-warming book that celebrates familial bonds.

9. The Emperor’s Egg – Martin Jenkins

The Emperor penguin father plays a very special role in the upbringing of their penguin chicks. This books shows the dedicated care a male penguin gives to his young.

10. Because Your Daddy Loves You – Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements captures the patient love of a father by offering example after example of the help and nurturing a father gives a young child. It’s a tender feel-good book fathers can enjoy and contemplate with their children.

11. Darth Vader and Son – Jefferey Brown

For all those Star Wars fans out there, Jefferey Brown paints a humorous picture of what it could have been like for young Luke Skywalker to have Darth Vader as a father. The hilarious illustrations and almost-true-to-life situations depicted make this little book a delight for both dad and the kids.

12. Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me – Eric Carle

Carle tells of a girl who wants to play with the moon, and a father who tries to bring the moon home to his daughter. Colorful illustrations enhance this clever and sweet story.

13. Ten Nine Eight – Molly Bang

Ten Nine Eight features a father getting his daughter all ready for bed in a fun book of counting!

14. Dads Book of Awesome Projects – Mike Adamick

Looking for something fun to do? Something out of the ordinary? Mike Adamick has several fun solutions for dads and kids in this fantastic book of projects. His insightful introduction and variety of activities included in this book offer numerous opportunities for bonding experiences for fathers and their children.

15. Driving Daddy – Hope Vestergaard
Piggyback rides and shoulder rides are common requests of young ones who want a better view. Driving Daddy is a cute book about a small child steering his daddy by riding on his shoulders! This is an especially fun read for toddlers and young children.

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