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A brother and sister drinking hot chocolate on a park bench in the snow while participating in fun winter activities.

12 Winter Activities That Are Perfect for Hot Chocolate

Winter + hot chocolate = #goals. But when do you drink hot chocolate? The answer is always, but especially when you do these fun winter activities.

Winter activities are all about being cozy, which means they pair perfectly with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Whether you’re fighting off a chill while playing in the snow or cuddling under a blanket beside a fire, you can’t go wrong with some hot chocolate. (The secret ingredient is doing it with someone you love.)

Here are some winter activities that will make you and your family want to sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate, because hot chocolate makes everything better:

1. Ice Skating

Whether on an outdoor pond or an indoor rink, ice skating is a classic winter activity. After some laps on the ice, you’ll probably be feeling the chill. This is the perfect time to warm up with some hot chocolate.

2. Skiing or Snowboarding

Snowy mountains just aren’t complete without some hot chocolate. If you’re hitting the slopes, take a break in the lodge and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate to recharge.

3. Winter Hiking

Bundle up and take a mug with you to explore winter landscapes. When you find a scenic spot, take a break and enjoy the beauty around you with a comforting cup of hot chocolate.

4. Building Snowmen or Snow Forts

When the first snow hits, all kids want to do is get their hands in it. The best way to do that is by building snowmen and snow forts. Get the whole family out there to play in the snow, and afterward, warm those tiny fingers with a mug of hot chocolate.

5. Winter Picnic

Doing summer activities in winter is a different kind of fun. You can make a winter picnic so special by packing a thermos of hot chocolate along with some winter-friendly snacks. With the snowy park, cozy picnic, and happy family, you’ll be creating a memory your kids will remember for a lifetime.

6. Christmas Stroll

With a mug in your hands, take a trip through the Christmas market, winter festival, or a decorated street. The holiday spirit will feel even brighter if you’re sipping on hot chocolate as you browse through festive stalls. Not to mention that your kids won’t feel the need to beg for every winter treat they see because they’re already sipping on the best one of all.

7. Movie Night

When the weather’s too cold, you’ll probably want to move the activities indoors. But that doesn’t mean hot chocolate is out of style. Create a winter movie marathon at home and make it even cozier with a cup of hot chocolate. Add marshmallows or whipped cream for an extra treat.

8. Reading by the Fireplace

Nothing beats staying inside with a good book. Except maybe when you get to cuddle up with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate. If you have a fireplace, that’s even better. Reading before the crackling flames is every book lover’s dream. Just grab a good book, cozy up with a blanket, sip on hot chocolate, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Check out our collection to find the perfect books for your family’s cozy read-a-thon.

9. Sleigh Ride

Frosty weather, beautiful Christmas lights, and a carriage with all of your loved ones, what more could you want? A mug of hot chocolate, obviously. A ride through snowy landscapes can only be made better if you’re warming up with some hot chocolate.

10. Baking Day

Winter is the season of baking. Why? Because it warms up your house. Spend a winter day baking cookies or other treats, and in between the batches, reward yourself with hot chocolate and treats fresh from the oven.

11. Making Gingerbread Houses

Take baking one step further and make gingerbread houses. You can make it just a fun activity or a contest, but either way, keep some hot chocolate on tap. Your family and friends can get creative with their designs while enjoying a sweet, cozy atmosphere.

12. Stargazing

When it’s not raining or snowing, winter boasts some of the most beautiful skies. On a clear winter night, head outside to gaze at the stars and bring along a thermos of hot chocolate to keep warm. The sweet treat will turn stargazing into a tradition that they’ll want to keep.

Remember to customize your hot chocolate with toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon, or a drizzle of caramel for an extra indulgent experience. Your family will get to play together all while drinking liquid love.

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Shaelyn Topolovec earned a BA in editing and publishing from BYU, worked on several online publications, and joined the Familius family. Shae is currently an editor and copywriter who lives in California’s Central Valley.

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