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12 Reasons You Need More Water

A few years ago, I was on a camping trip with my church group in the hot Southern California mountains. As I stood there in the sun, my vision started to blur, and my head began to pound. I leaned against my friend in front of me and attempted to steady my breathing. Then I went down. At the first sign of my parchment white face, the camp leaders started pouring water down my throat. I was dangerously dehydrated.

Even though the living’s easy during summertime, do not take it too easy and start slacking on your health. Below is a list of reasons why you need to drink more water all the time. Summer is the best time to ensure that you are drinking as much water as you can because the heat can drain you parched. You might even start getting thirsty right in the middle of ready this. Go ahead and grab yourself a glass of water. We’ll wait, I promise.


1)      Hydration

Now, don’t get annoyed with me for stating the obvious. We could all use a recap on why it is so vital to stay hydrated. If you are thirsty at all, it means you are already dehydrated. Your body should be composed sixty percent (60%) of water. That means that if you start to sweat some out or haven’t had a drink in a while, your body will start punishing you for not giving it what it demands. This punishment could include headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and fainting, among many other symptoms. It is never good to lose water weight. In fact, drinking more water can even help you lose weight, but I’ll tell you more about that later.


2)      Clean out toxins

Toxins are sitting in your body right now knotting up your muscles and maybe even making you sick. If you have ever received a massage, you were afterword advised to drink tons of water throughout the rest of the day. When you get a massage, the tension or toxins in your muscles are released and will settle right back in if you don’t flush them out with water. What you may not know is that there is a way to get a head start on getting your muscle knots out before your massage or without one. The water you drink will clear the toxins out of your muscles a little at a time. Drink more water and you might even be able to relax during your next massage rather than crying in pain from your massive masseuse’s elbows jamming into every inch of your back.


3)      Clears out illness

If you’ve got yourself a cold or flu, fill up a massive water bottle and take sips continuously throughout the day. Drinking tons of water will flush the sickness right out of you. Even though this will require several extra bathroom trips, it really is worth it. Get yourself healthy faster and it will increase your immune system strength while you are at it.


4)      Controls eating

You may have heard of those diets that advise you to drink a glass or two of their supplement added to water before you eat meals. What they don’t tell you is that there is an even healthier diet alternative to this, and it’s free! All you have to do is drink a glass of water before and during meals. Water fills up your stomach even though it contains zero fat and calories. When you have just drunk a glass of water, you will have less room in your stomach and probably won’t be able to finish those five pieces of pizza. Other expensive diets will just give you something to squirt in your water to make it more tasty or to add more calories to it. If you want to start decreasing how much you eat during meals, just add water!


5)      Keeps you energized when exercising

If you have ever forgotten a water bottle during a long run, you will understand how difficult it is to continue to exercise when you are not hydrated. Your muscles will start to burn and shake, and you will begin to feel cramps in your stomach and muscles getting more painful by the minute. Your muscles will tire out without water and will leave you crawling home if you neglect their hydration. Take a water bottle with you when exercising, or make sure your gym has plenty of fountains. Take drinks after every set or superset.


6)      Burns extra calories

This is where I let you know how you can lose weight from drinking more water. Not only does it control your eating portions and keep you exercising longer, a glass of cold water actually burns calories. Your body is pretty warm inside and likes to heat up everything it eats to digest it properly. Your body has to work to warm up a cold glass of water. When your body is working to digest something that has zero calories, that means you are actually burning calories just from drinking. It is the same concept as eating celery. Drink a big glass of cold water in the morning to get your metabolism working. Your metabolism will not begin its digestive process for the day until you get something in your belly. Water will get it moving and burning calories!


7)      Healthier skin

Your skin gets cut, scratched, spotted, and stretched every single day. This can be considered skin damage, and it continues to make you look older. Your skin needs water to repair itself. The more water you drink, the faster those scraps will heal and the slower you will age. It’s a wrinkle preventer for those of you that are not ready for face creases. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep your skin elastic and soft for much longer.


8)      Keeps bowels functioning properly

Would you rather have frequent or improper bowel movements? In this area, I think it’s best to play it safe. Water keeps your inner systems working properly which will prevent you a lot of distress and malfunction.


9)      Prevents headaches

Headaches are caused from several different reasons including dehydration and neck muscle knots. Both of these issues can be cured by drinking water. With a dehydration headache, drink several bottles or cups of water in small sips. The toxins that cause the knots in your neck will gradually decrease with water intake. Once these knots are reduced, the blood flow will become more regular to you head, and your headaches will lessen.


10)   Prevents joint pain

Sometimes when exercising or just going through daily motions, your knee or ankle will tense, stiffen, or ache. Your joints need water to stay lubricated and working properly. Drinking extra water will decrease chances of sprains and aches in your joints.


11)   Keeps you focused and alert

A glass of cold water is like a wakeup call to your brain. I like to keep a large bottle of cold water with me during long drives to keep me alert. Take a swig of cold water as a pick me up when starting a project or after a long day. For health champions, try drinking a large glass of cold water in the morning instead of your morning coffee and energy drinks. Or try decreasing your coffee and energy drink intake by substituting a cup for a cup of water.


12)   Makes you happier

With fewer headaches, less muscle and joint pain, a faster immune system, and healthier eating, you and your body are bound to be much happier with each other. Summer is a great time to get started on this habit of hydration and is the time you need it the most.


EXTRA: Here are 5 tips to help you keep yourself hydrated:

1)      Keep a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

It’s much easier to stay hydrated when water is at an arm’s reach rather than several rooms away.


2)      Add some lemon or sports drink sweetener to your bottle of water.

A tastier beverage might keep you reaching for it more often.


3)      Get a water instead of soda with meals.

Soda actually tends to dehydrate you more than hydrate. Ordering a water instead is not only healthier but will save you money!


4)      Make yourself drink after every exercise while working out.

Even if you don’t think you are thirsty, get up and get a drink anyway. If you are breaking even the smallest sweat, you are thirsty and your body might just be too tired to know it. Make it a habit to get a drink after every set. Your body will eventually start drinking on autopilot during your workouts.


5)      Get a water filter.

I cannot stand the taste of tap water. It may be all in my head, but if only tap water existed, then I would have a hard time staying hydrated. Get yourself a filter, and enjoy the taste of your fresh, clean water.


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