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10 Lego Sculptures to Inspire Your Lil’ Engineers

The Lego Group manufactured their first toy bricks in 1949. However, Legos are far from being a thing of the past. From far off lands to film-inspired sets (The Millennium Falcon, need we say more?), this company has done more for the young, creative mind than most toy companies could ever hope to.

Even The Lego Movie was awesome. Can we just say that?

In honor of their legendary product, here are ten unbelievable Lego sculptures for your lil’ engineers!

1. Phillip’s Daring Fight



The Lego Imagination Center, located in Downtown Disney, Florida, has some pretty incredible sculptures on display. But nothing can beat such an inventive display of true blue heroism.

2. Volvo XC90

We love invention, though recreation can be pretty incredible too. Especially when someone manages to recreate an ENTIRE CAR out of plastic, interlockable bricks!

3. Cello, there!


Here’s a little something for the musically-inclined. Click here to watch how it was built!

4. (Loch Ness?) Monster


Well, he might be, except that’s definitely not Loch Ness. Close enough, though!

5. Giant Nintendo DSI

Can you believe it? Sean Kenny even included the pointy thing! Who does that?

6. A Whole New World


“You ain’t never built a friend like me!” That’s how the song goes, right? This Disnerdy sculpture was on display in Downtown Disney, Anaheim.


7. Lightning McQueen

Thank you, Mattel, for bringing to life everyone’s favorite smooth-talkin’ race car! KA-CHOW!

8. Hummingbird


This LEGO sculpture gorgeously captures one of nature’s teenier moments.

9. Basilique du Sacré-Cœur


Will wonders never cease? A stunning recreation of the Roman Catholic church and minor basilica located in Paris, France.

10. “The Contact Series”


This one’s a little difficult to explain in a sentence or two. If you want to find out what on earth (or beyond) inspired this mind-blowing creation, read this article from kickstarter.com!

As we all know, the Lego Group is more than a toy company. It’s a springboard by which some our most gifted inventors—of every age—have discovered their talent. So encourageesign! Create! Inspire! That’s what being a Master Builder is all about.

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