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10 Interactive Museums Your Kids Will Love

Young kids aren’t too keen on the idea of traipsing through the MOMA on a Sunday afternoon, but there are some museums that can teach kids how great it is to learn. Take them to a museum design for them, and they will grow up learning, and visiting exhibits can be entertaining and enlightening.


Brooklyn Children’s Museum

New York

According to Time Out New York, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum has 30,000 objects for kids throughout the museum. This museum, founded in 1899, is the oldest of its kind. The upcoming events include, Building Brainstorm, Art Inspires Art, and Brooklyn Block Lab, all of which can be found at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum website.

The Please Touch Museum

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Please Touch Museum is special to me because I grew up going here. It’s much like the New York version, but with a little Philly flare. The museum focuses on the power of play and how it teaches children through stimulating activities and fun. Upcoming activities include Fire Safety Day, Berenstain Bears Appearance and Kindergarten Mixer. And it is in a great location for a fun filled day in Philadelphia.

The Franklin Institute

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I know, another Philadelphia one, but I promise it’s great. Your kids will be dying to see The Giant Heart, how electricity works and take the sports challenge. All the exhibits teach and enlighten your kids to the world around them. It’s fun-packed and takes hours to get through all of the exciting exhibits. Exhibits now in the Franklin Institute are 101 Inventions that Changed the World, Ocean Soul and Circus, but they are ending soon so come take a look!


Gainesville Georgia

A short drive from Atlanta, this museum teaches kids to be hands on and use their imagination. It incorporates creative ideas like their pottery studio! Their learning and lending allows schools and families constant participation at a low cost. Paint, play and learn; you and your family will love your visit to Ink!

Imagine U

Visalia, California

Dig for bones and fossils in the excavation of the Diggin’ It exhibit. Learn about the human body while playing doctor in the Medical Center Exhibit. Or play with gravity as you test its limits with coins. This museum is a blast for kids and even offers interactive tours on the website; check it out to get kids excited about going!

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


Dinosaurs, Fireworks of Glass, and the Lilly Theater all draw kids to this wonderful museum. According to Forbes, this is the largest on earth. This is a hotspot for kids’ educational enjoyment. It’s vivid, interactive and just keeps going. Your kids won’t even know they are learning while they are mesmerized by the exhibits at the Children’s Museum!

Children’s Museum of Houston


This Museum, like all the others, has plenty for kids to interact with. The best part about the Children’s Museum of Houston is, it includes super heroes! Check out the Summer of Epic Adventure: The Sequel through September 7th where kids can make costumes, learn how to be a superhero, and test their powers.  They also have an exhibit called Flowworks where kids can shoot water to see how it moves and glides through obstacle courses.  

Children’s Museum of Phoenix



Another museum that helps kids express their creativity, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix lets you dive into paint, glue and glitter in the Artist Studio: Creative Expression. Love building forts? Build the coolest ones ever at the Building Big exhibit. They also have Book Loft: Respite and Resource which shows children why reading is one of the most important activities for anyone, especially kids!

Kohl Children’s Museum

Glenview Illinois

This Museum is perfect to take kids who are having a new brother or sister come into their life because of the Baby Nursery exhibit. Kids learn to care for a baby and what babies need. They also have an Exhibit called Powered By Nature where kids learn the force of the environment and how to utilize its energy. This museum is not only geared toward kids involvement, but it teaches kids things they can utilize now and things they will want to learn.

Boston Children’s Museum


In the Boston Children’s Museum, kids get to play investigator. Children can examine objects and go through the Investigate exhibit coming with questions and ideas that they can discuss with the family. The Gallery showcases local art. It’s important for kids to appreciate art, and here they can see some of the art around them. Also, the museum has added a Balance Climb. Find different paths through the maze while looking out on Boston.

Taking kids to regular museums is hard. They get tired, uninterested or start to complain that they “don’t like this stuff.” Take them to a place of learning that they will enjoy. Having them interact with all the things that these museums have to offer will be more worth it than dragging them through the 18th century exhibit you and your husband or wife would be happier enjoying by yourselves. Plus, these are great adventures for the kids during the summer!


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