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10 Fun Father’s Day Traditions

1. Go to a baseball game (or play catch together!).

Sports games often have an atmosphere of excitement and energy, not to mention an aroma of delicious foods and snacks. Take Dad out to the ball game!

2. Have a special Father’s Day breakfast.

Food is a great way to bring the family together and start traditions. Whip up some omelets, French toast, blueberry muffins, smiley face pancakes, or anything else — you name it! Start a memorable day off with a memorable meal.

3. Create a “Daddy’s great because . . . ” craft.

Help kids create a list of why they think their dad is great. There are several different ways to present these sweet sentiments to Dad such as:

Cut out a large paper man, decorate it like Dad, and write on it the things you all love about Dad.

Create a Father’s Day message plaque (click here for an example).

Put together a “basket of love” with meaningful messages (click here for an example).

4. Decorate the house with fun Dad-themed decorations.

Ideas could include a chandelier of ties (real or paper), toolbox-shaped placemats, or a “Happy Father’s Day” banner.

5. Work on a fun project together.

Achieving a goal together can bring a sense of accomplishment and bonding, so pull out those tools!

6. Surprise Dad with a goofy prank like filling the refrigerator door’s ice dispenser with M&Ms.

7. Go on a hike or bike ride together.

Sometimes the day to day routines can wear everyone, including Dad, out! Get some fresh air and rejuvenation as a family by exercising and enjoying nature.

8. Set up a scavenger hunt for Dad (or have Dad set one up for the kids) leading to a fun treat or special message.

9. Share treats and drinks with Dad-related names while watching a fun movie.

These could include (but are not limited to) “pop”corn, soda “pop”, Dad’s Root Beer, Papa John’s or Papa Murphy’s pizza, Blow”pop” lollipops, etc).

10. Record your kids talking about their Dad in a keepsake family video that can be re-watched and cherished for years to come.

Your imagination’s the limit! Remember that no matter what you do, taking time to do something for Dad will mean something special to him and can bring the whole family together. Make some fun traditions. Happy Father’s Day!

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