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10 Creative Gifts for Booklovers

If you’re looking for a creative present for a booklover, don’t settle for just any old book. Instead, be creative and buy them one of many inventive “bookish” gifts! Sure, they might have bookmarks, journals, mugs with quotes on them, etc. But these 10 gifts below are ones that even the greatest of booklovers probably don’t own!

1. Books Necktie

This wonderfully bookish necktie will be sure to attract other readers at any event requiring formal attire.

2. Bookrest Lamp

Tired bookmarks or folding over the pages of your book? Instead, save your page with a lamp that will light up any room.

3. Invisible Bookshelf

This bookshelf leaves no trace as it hangs your books on the wall with what can only be magic. Never again will I install a regular bookshelf in my house.

4. The Great Gatsby T-Shirt

At OutofPrintClothing.com, you can transform your favorite book into a fashionable shirt displaying its cover art.

5. Yellow Library Card Pouch

This library card pouch is a must have for library-goers around the world.

6. George Orwell 1984 iPhone Book Dock

What if your favorite book could be used to charge your phone? All I have to say is: I know what I want for my birthday!

7. Paper Passion Perfume

Whether you’re out to dinner or watching a movie, this perfume smelling of freshly printed books will remind you that you’re never too far from a good read.

8. A Tale of Two Cities Book Scarf

If you love A Tale of Two Cities, this beautiful scarf with the words of Charles Dickens is perfect for you!

9. Bookshelf iPhone 5 Case

This is the ideal phone case for any booklover. Needless to say, I just ordered one!

10. Got Books Charm Bracelet

Show off your love of books with this stylish “Got Books” charm bracelet.

Whether you know a booklover or you are one yourself, these 10 gifts are something that booklovers will be hard pressed to ignore. I myself already own The Great Gatsby t-shirt, and after writing this article, I couldn’t help but order the invisible bookshelf, the bookshelf iPhone 5 case, and the Orwell iPhone dock charger. I will have them all in a week! While these ten bookish gifts are some of my favorites, spend a few extra minutes searching the Internet and you will find many more that are perfect for booklovers of any age.

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