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A father and daughter reading a gift book together during Christmastime.

10 Best Gift Books for the Holidays

Books are the best gift, whether you’re out of gift ideas or just really love books. These ten books are our favorite gift books for the holidays.

Don’t know what to give for gifts this year? You’re not alone.

For many people, the idea of gift-giving can create stress and anxiety. This makes one of the best times of the year one of the most chaotic. Instead of playing games, baking, and spending time with family, you’re wracking your brain to figure out what to get for that one person who already has everything.

There’s no need to waste your time when you can just gift a book. Books make the best gifts for many reasons, not just because they’re easy to wrap and don’t need batteries. With a wide range of subjects and genres, you can always find a book that perfectly fits your loved ones. And here at Familius, we believe that everyone deserves the joy of reading.

So here’s a list of our top ten favorite gift books for the holidays.

1. Christmas Train

Tiny hands are always looking for something to play with during the holidays. A toy and a book in one, this fold-out train is the perfect gift book. Christmas Train takes you from numbers 1 to 20 on a train ride about all things Christmas. With seek-and-find activities, your child won’t want Christmas to end.

2. Lit for Little Hands: A Christmas Carol

This gift book is a classic made simple. With direct quotes from Charles Dickens’ original work, simple and engaging prose, and interactive elements like flaps and wheels, Lit for Little Hands: A Christmas Carol is sure to be a holiday hit. Although written for kids, this is the kind of gift that fans of A Christmas Carol will want to keep on their shelves no matter their age.

3. Christmas Fairies for Ouma

With a touch of magic and oodles of Christmas cheer, this is a heartwarming story of a letter traveling 10,000 miles across the world through the power of kindness. It’s a celebration of love between a grandparent and grandchild and is sure to bring your family Christmas joy. Christmas Fairies for Ouma is a stunning picture book you won’t want to miss. Especially if your child or grandchild happens to love finding adorable fairies on every page.

4. 12 Little Elves

Charming—and a little mischievous—these twelve little elves travel all around the world on Christmas Eve to see who’s still awake before Santa comes. With ten books in the series, you can visit places like Texas, Washington, California, and more to see all the special landmarks and curiosities bedecked in holiday cheer.

5. Unicorn and Horse

Though it’s not Christmas magic, Unicorn and Horse is still magical. This picture book is for your little horse or unicorn lover who dreams of magic and rainbows. A book about making friends and celebrating differences, this is the perfect gift book for any child (or adult who loves funny and cute picture books).

Check out the board book for younger readers!

6. Big Book of Family Games

Holiday downtime can really get to kids who are home from school, leading to familiar complaints like “Mom, I’m bored!” This gift book will save all your family get-togethers this holiday. The Big Book of Family Games is, well, a big book of games that don’t need charging. With 101 original games, you’ll have hours of entertainment and real social interaction. A Christmas miracle!

7. Vintage Skiing

Do you know someone that loves to ski? Are they obsessed with high-quality vintage photos and gorgeous snowy scenery? Then Vintage Skiing is the perfect gift book. They can keep it on their coffee table, share the beautiful old-school photos, and reminisce about their skiing days (which might be right around the corner). With snowy landscapes on every page, this book pairs well with the holidays.

8. Daily Motherhood

Moms really do it all, which makes them super hard to shop for. But Daily Motherhood is the gift book that will say thanks for everything she’s done. With 365 famous quotes about motherhood, this book will inspire, uplift, and energize moms, reminding them why they do what they do.

9. Daily Fatherhood

Moms aren’t the only ones in the trenches. Being a father brings joy and laughter, but also worry and frustration. Daily Fatherhood is just the pick-me-up dads need. With 365 relatable quotes from famous dad and hilarious images of fatherhood in progress, this gift book is a way to remind dad that he’s not alone.

10. 437 Edible Wild Plants of the Rocky Mountain West

This gift book is perfect for the grass eaters (all kids have done it at least once), herbalists, and plant lovers. A collection of hundreds of edible berries, roots, nuts, greens, and flowers, 437 Edible Wild Plants of the Rocky Mountain West is the ultimate guidebook for living off the land. No more worrying that your child’s going to eat a poisonous weed. And the invaluable information on plant identification, flavor, seasonality, history, common synonyms, eating and preparation instructions, and over 1,450 photos will surely impress any plant lover.

Shaelyn Topolovec earned a BA in editing and publishing from BYU, worked on several online publications, and joined the Familius family. Shae is currently an editor and copywriter who lives in California’s Central Valley.

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