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In honor of National Read a Book Day, our Familius Family has shared the reasons they love to read. This holiday was founded to give readers a chance to participate in their favorite pastime. Nationaldaytoday.com suggests celebrating by reading, volunteering at a local library, and sharing your favorite book with a child to pass on your love of books to them.

Read along to see some of the reasons our team members and our authors read and be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you read as well!

From the Team

Christopher Robbins, CEO and Co-Founder: Reading helps me learn from those who have had more experience. I can find out how they acted or what they decided in certain situations. Reading then provides a framework for making better decisions based on the lives and experiences of others. I also read for enjoyment. Reading a wonderful piece of fiction allows me to vicariously experience the life of another, whether in a different world, in a different time, or even explore a different species. When you find a great character in a great book, you fall in love with that person; they become a friend, and it’s always sad to say goodbye when you turn the last page and that journey is finished. 

Michele Robbins, Acquisitions Editor and Co-Founder: I read because I love to see others’ perspectives. Reading allows me to walk in another’s shoes from my rather normal home. I read to keep up with my kids. We can share adventure, knowledge, and humor as we read together and then talk together! I love to leave a great new read on a table in my home and see who picks it up next!

Ashley Marie Mireles, Director of Sales and Marketing and Author: I mostly read to learn about new subjects and perspectives but occasionally I will read simply to be entertained for a moment. I love to explore new worlds and new ideas without ever leaving my home.

Brooke Jorden, Editorial Director and Author: I read with my kids to teach them new words and to show them new worlds. I read for the pleasure of a surprise ending, the beauty of a well-crafted metaphor, the transformative effect of new perspectives, and the enriching opportunity to practice empathy.

Carlos Guerrero, Art Administrator: I read for information and knowledge. Reading is cathartic and comforting at times. I read for affirmation.

Shaelyn Topolovec, Editorial Manager: I read every morning to start my day right, and I read every night before bed to melt the day away. I read to meet people I otherwise never would, learn things I could never understand on my own, share emotions and situations that are outside my own script, and experience joy from knowing that there are millions of worlds inside this one universe and I can become a part of them by simply picking up a book.

Adina Oberman, Marketing Associate: I love reading because I love to learn. I especially enjoy reading with my kids because it encourages them to keep learning, dreaming, and growing! I love the way books open doors to new worlds, perspectives, and experiences.

From the Authors

Tracy Gold, author of Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby: As a child, books nurtured and inspired my imagination and I loved imagining characters as my friends! Now, I love books for much the same reason—diving deep into characters and worlds and escaping the real world for a while. And, of course, for non-fiction, reading is a wonderful way to learn.

Lisa Sugarman, author of How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids: As an author, the irony is that I didn’t enjoy reading as a child . . . I much preferred being outside, moving, and engaging with the world around me. It wasn’t until I was in college that I recognized how much deeper I could grow my connection to the world by visiting the places I longed to go through books. And I’ve been reading ever since.

Jessica Speer, author of BFF or NRF (Not Really Friends): As a child, books were a place of refuge where I explored the lives of others, connected through shared experiences, and learned about myself. As an adult reader and author, well, pretty much the same thing.

Dara Lovitz, author of Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins with Advice from the Experts (Academics) and the REAL Experts (Twins): Reading helps me learn new things. When I read, I grow.

Cindy Muchin, co-author of The Parent Compass: Books transport me, inspire me, make me laugh, cry, and feel a part of a larger world beyond my hometown. At the same time, books make me feel like a speck of dust in this huge world and also connected to something much larger than myself. Books are joyful to read, write, and share.

Linda Cutting, author of A Is for Always: An Adoption Alphabet: When I dive into the pages of a book, it gives me another place to go. And if it’s a memorable book, it gives me solace to return again.

Megan Saben, author of New House, New Home (coming to Familius.com in 2023): Reading builds relationships—relationships with other readers, with my family audience, with authors, and from one book to another. It connects history to science and poetry to math. I love finding Truth and Story in my reading and sharing the experience with a fellow bibliophile.

Robin Currie, author of How to Dress a Dinosaur: Reading gives me insight into the lives of others with more appreciation for our mutual struggles and joys.

Stephanie Campisi, author of Luis and Tabitha: Reading allows me to explore a variety of worlds, places, and philosophies through the eyes and perspectives of someone else. It builds empathy, compassion, and respect, and often provides a framework for solving problems (or how not to solve them!). Reading with my son is my favorite thing in the world, as I love seeing him develop that same appreciation for the world and its ways through written and visual storytelling.

Carole Gerber, author of The Gifts of the Animals: I learn about the lives and experiences of real people and fictional characters who have experiences that I can only imagine. Reading is truly a great escape!


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