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Why I’m doing less in the New Year

We usually make plans (resolutions) to do more of this and that in the new year, but what about creating a list of doing less of this and that? Here is my list:

Next year let there be

less pointing  

less gossip

less disenchanted mumbles under our breath

less snappy responses

less sighs of impatience   

less disgusted rolling of the eyes

less excuses

less avoidance

less blame

less apathy

less “what’s-in-it-for-me”

less getting offended

less proving you’re always right

less bluntness

less narcissism

less poor sports

less cell phone addiction

less jumping to conclusions

less knee-jerk-hate (you people are all alike)

less cussing

less rudeness

less laziness

less begrudging

less getting things your way

less unsolicited opinions

less breaking promises

less making promises we can’t keep

less regrets

Generosity, kindness, patience (well, not always or as much as we’d like), good cheer, forgiveness, mellow attitude, and gratitude, are all attributes of this season. May they be with you until we change the calendar.

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