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Welcome to the Family: September New Releases

We are excited to announce the release of five new Familius books! Today all of these titles became available for purchase. With a variety of topics and author experts, we know you’ll be able to find something that catches your eye and interest. Welcome to the family!

A Beauty Collected
A Captivating ABC Book to Discover the Beauty Around You

Adventure, treasure-hunt, discover, enjoy. The world comes alive with A Beauty Collected, a picture book filled with a lush alphabet of artful photography and dreamy narrative.

“A is for ALOE, to soothe and to heal,
for APPLE,
and ARTICHOKE, leaf-by-leaf peel…

B is for BARK, the skin of a tree,
for BONES,

For more information, visit familius.com/a-beauty-collected

Broken Brain, Fortified Faith
Lessons of Hope Through a Child’s Mental Illness

What would you do if your child were diagnosed with schizophrenia? 

Broken Brain, Fortified Faith is the story of one family’s journey through schizophrenia, navigating the uncharted waters of mental illness to find help for their daughter, and support for their family. This memoir is an honest look at the stress, anger, education, and finally, hope experienced through eyes of a mother. 

For more information, visit familius.com/broken-brain-fortified-faith

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dinner
Stories of a Seared Childhood

Family: comfort food or a recipe for disaster?

Award-winning storyteller and performer Regi Carpenter brings her humor and honesty to print in Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dinner.
Regi is the youngest daughter in a family that pulsates with contradictions: religious and raucous, tender but terrible, unfortunate yet irrepressible. These honest tales some hilarious, some heartbreaking celebrate the glorious and gut-wrenching lives of four generations of Carpenters raised on the Saint Lawrence River in Clayton, New York. 

For more information, visit familius.com/where-theres-smoke-theres-dinner

Ants ‘N’ Uncles

“Ants ‘n’ uncles, uncles ‘n’ ants, dancin’ ‘cross the world with ants in his pants.

Goin’ everywhere he’s never been before, on his ant-imated world tour.”

What happens when Uncle steps on an ant hill? The ants in his pants make him dance, of course, and his dancing skills become famous around the world. From award-winning author and silhouette artist Clay Rice comes the rhyming tale of an accidental hero. 

For more information, visit familius.com/ants-n-uncles

Teachers’ Lessons Last a Lifetime
At Least Until the Next Exam

“A teacher has the intellect of a philosopher, the stamina of an athlete, the patience of a saint, and the pay of a teacher.”


From award-winning comedy writers Gene Perret and daughter Linda Perret, these 175 original one-liners will give teachers all the laughs of a night out at a stand-up comedy club in the quiet of their own bed. (Let’s face it, that’s where all teachers want to be after a long day in the classroom.) 

For more information, visit familius.com/teachers-lessons-last-a-lifetime-or-at-least-until-the-next-exam

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