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Unplug and Play: Seven Awesome Activities that Don’t Need Batteries

Sometimes, it’s good to break away from the same old routines, unplug the electronics, turn off your phone, and have some fun with your kids! Here are a few neat things you can do to bring some de-electronicized fun to your family.

Blanket Fort

Whether you use the traditional blankets and chairs method or you use a fitted sheet and a fan, your kids are sure to love having a cozy blanket fort to play in. Photo here.

Yard Work

Kids love raking leaves into piles and jumping in when they’re done. Make an afternoon out of it! Your yard will look fabulous when you’ve finished.

Orchard Picking

If you live near an orchard, take a Saturday afternoon and take your kids apple picking!

Puppet Show

Make finger puppets or hand puppets and put on a show together! Photo link here.

Scented Slime

This is a messy, albeit fun option for those kids who love to touch things. Schedule clean up time afterwards and have fun together! Learn how to make it here.

Bleach Design T-Shirts

Want some cute personalized shirts for your family photo shoot? These bleach T-shirts are adorable and easy to make! Instructions here.

Creativity Prompts

For rainy days when the kids are stuck inside the house: Encourage a little creative thinking! Photo here.

There’s no reason to have to keep your kids entertained with their phones and electronics. With some creativity and planning, you can enjoy fun activities together and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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