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Unique Kitchen Tools You May Not Have Heard Of

My aunt Susie is one of those intuitive cooks. She can just throw ingredients together, no recipe required, and the final product is always irresistible. However, with two active little boys running around, she understands that time is precious. These unusual kitchen tools are time-savers that will make your favorite culinary masterpieces all the more doable!

Cherry Pitter


Maybe you’ve heard of these, maybe you haven’t. But if you’re big into pie-making or cherry-canning, this simple tool will keep the process from feeling like the pits.

Garlic Peeler


Oh, the time we’ve wasted picking at the ends of garlic cloves, permanently (it seems) embedding the smell under our nails. No more! Just insert the clove into this tube, press down firmly, then rapidly roll back and forth for a few seconds until you hear the peel snap. Simple as that!

Herb Scissors

Save your energy for things that aren’t chopping and make only half the mess with this nifty little tool!

Mega Lifter

If you’ve ever had trouble transporting hot goods from oven to serving platter, this should catch your attention. Slide under cookies, cakes, and entire pizzas with this “mega lifter”.

Strawberry Stem Remover

When the fruit salads come out this summer, do your guests a favor and de-stem their strawberries before you serve them! It’s safer than using a paring knife and keeps the strawberry intact.

Avocado Cuber

You get the idea. Perfect for salads and salsas!

Onion Holder

If you’re at all like me, onion slicing isn’t your favorite step in the cooking process. Here’s a useful little helper to make the process a more bearable one.

My dad and I discovered half of these just browsing the back isles at Target! Who knew, right? You may be able to find these at a store near you, or you can look them up online. Either way, give these tools a try and they may go from unheard-of to being household must-haves.

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