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unicorn with pink mane walking through a forest

Happy Unicorn Day!

Every year on April 9th, we take time to celebrate the mythical and magical unicorn. Read along to learn how you and your family can take time to add a little magic to your day!

Unicorn History

People have been writing about unicorns for over 2,000 years! The way writers have described unicorns has changed a bit over time, but one thing has stayed the same: the horn. The natural history writer Ctesias wrote about a horned animal that looked like an antelope or a donkey with one horn on its head.

Many have debated what this animal could have been, but most historians agree that this writing was the first written description of a unicorn.

As time passed, the mythical and magical unicorn showed up time and time again in literature. We have even seen a unicorn-like animal described in the Bible. The unicorn is seen as a symbol of grace and purity. The Celts, Romans, and Persians saw the animal as a symbol of strength and freedom. Because of this, the Scottish coat of arms uses a unicorn as their symbol.

The love of unicorns has grown over the years and we continue to see them pop up in books, toys, and many other mediums.

Unicorn Day

In modern times, unicorns are imagined as colorful and magical creatures. It’s safe to say we have fallen in love with unicorns. In 2015, the first National Unicorn Day was celebrated by a group of unicorn fans. It is now seen as a day to marvel at the wonder of these amazing creatures. Here’s how you can celebrate with your family:

1. Eat Unicorn-Themed Food

When we think of a unicorn, we typically think of the horn, but what follows is usually rainbow colors and sparkles! Take today as a free pass to add some edible glitter to your food or explore the world of rainbow eating with a book like Unicorn Food by Kat Odell. Or take a page from our book Unicorn (and Horse) and treat yourself to pink cupcakes!

2. Create Unicorn-Themed Crafts

A quick Pinterest search will give you tons of rainbow-colored unicorn crafts. The sheer number of crafts can be overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered. Familius has created a Unicorn Day pin board just for you! Click here to explore our favorite crafts from around the web.

3. Dress Like a Unicorn

Now is your time to shine! Encourage your family to wear their most glittery, rainbow-themed garb and strut their stuff. Consider having a unicorn runway for your children to show off their unicorn outfits. Post your best looks on social media and be sure to tag us @FamiliusTalk.

4. Read about Unicorns

You can find books about unicorns at your local library or anywhere books are sold. There are books about unicorns for all reading levels and age ranges, from unicorn board books to more advanced encyclopedias on unicorn history. Now is the day to learn about these mythical creatures. Check out our book Unicorn (and Horse) for a fun read-aloud perfect for 3- to 8-year-olds.

We hope that these ideas will add a bit of sparkle to your day. However you decide to spend your day, be sure to do it with the magnificence of a unicorn!

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