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No. of Pages : 120
ISBN: 9781942934455
Released : 6/14/2016

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Superhero

A Kid's Manual for Saving the World, Looking Good in Spandex, and Getting Home in Time for Dinner
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Book Description

  • When choosing a sidekick, be sure to coordinate colors.
  • To get a supervillain monologuing, simply mention that he or she "won't get away with it."
  • NEVER wear a cape (except to formal events).

With these and other clever insights, The Ultimate Guide to Being a Superhero is more than just a cookbook! This hardcover, spiral-bound manual is packed with recipes, crafts, tips, quizzes, maneuvers, and gadgets for every aspiring superhero. National kids cooking expert Barbara Beery, author of the bestselling The Pink Princess Cookbook, brings her signature flair in this action-packed, fully illustrated manual, sure to delight every superchild and every parent looking for great ideas.

Recipes and crafts include:
  • Kryptonite Cupcakes
  • Dinner in Disguise
  • Dynamite Candy Bites
  • DIY Utility Belts
  • and much more!

Plus must-have tips for every aspiring hero, including:
  • How to interview a potential sidekick ( How do you feel about being used as bait? )
  • Where not to house your secret hideout
  • Common wardrobe malfunctions to avoid
  • Catchy comeback phrases, and more!

About the Author

Barbara Beery
Barbara Beery has been a spokesperson for such national companies as Sun Maid Raisin, Uncle Ben’s, Borden’s, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Step 2. Barbara has been a contributing writer to FamilyFun, th...
Brooke Jorden
Brooke Jorden earned a BA in English and editing from Brigham Young University. The author of If It Fits, I Sits: The Ultimate Cat Quotebook, I Dig Bathtime, and the Lit for Little Hands seri...

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