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Top Family Movies of the Summer

Top Family Movies of the Summer

Many of us were too young to recall our first trip to the cinema as kids, but nearly all of us remember the first time our parents removed us from a movie theater mid-show. The awkward car ride home and the universal feeling of “None of that was in the trailer!”

As ratings continue to be pushed to attract maximum audience exposure, at times it can seem tricky finding wholesome movies that are entertaining for adults, yet appropriate for children.

Accomplished film critic Chris Hicks, author of the new book Has Hollywood Lost Its Mind?, says, “Some PG-rated movies may be a small step up from a G-rating, while other PG-13 films are far more than flirting with R-rated content.” Hicks’ book is a parent’s guide to navigating the Hollywood ratings and finding the right flicks for the family.


Fortunately, this summer has already been a great one for finding a couple of great family films for all ages:


G – Monsters University. This sequel to the 2001 Pixar Animation hit Monsters Inc. has been one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer and is already on track to surpass the original in box office performance.

PG – Despicable Me 2. Follow-up to the hilariously funny flick that captured the hearts of young children and adults alike, Steve Carell returns to characterize the villain gone good guy in this story that triggers laugh after laugh through endless witty cracks. Consequently, this animated masterpiece has claimed the “#1 Movie in America” spot back-to-back in its first two weekends on screen, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

For more information about what to expect the next time you take your family to the movies, check the ratings and reviews before making your ticket purchase.

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