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Time Management for the Full-Time Worker/Student


Many full-time workers contemplate returning to school. However, there are some people who completely nix the idea because of the time commitment involved. For those truly committed towards seeking an education, personal and professional goals will supersede any concerns about working full-time while in school. The key to successfully living a stress-free life while juggling these responsibilities is time management.

In order to effectively manage your time, you will need to become more disciplined. Don’t let this scare you! If you create a realistic schedule to follow, you will be able to execute your tasks and enjoy some much-needed free time.

Here are five time management tips for the full-time worker and student.

1. Create a Daily Schedule Using Productivity Apps

Using productivity apps is a great way to stay on top of any deadlines or to-dos. Try downloading desktop and mobile apps like Any.do, Todoist, or Timeful to keep track of important events. An alternative to these apps is the default calendar on your smartphone. It may not have an attractive user interface or similar features like the others, but it gets the job done!

2. Avoid sleepless nights

Bedtimes aren’t just for kids. In order to stay attentive during the day, you need a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, late nights and early mornings will take a toll on your schoolwork and job performance. Be sure to set a specific time each night to put away your homework.

3. Prepare for the Week in Advance

Those pesky household chores never seem to go away. To lessen your load, perform laundry duty in addition to meal prepping and ironing clothes on the weekends. You won’t have to worry about these tasks becoming major inconveniences throughout the week.

4. Use Your Lunch Break to Study

Put your multitasking skills to use! Instead of waiting until you arrive home to study, read a chapter or two during lunch. Find a quiet area that is located a good distance from coworkers and strangers. It certainly helps to bring your lunch to work to avoid the long lines at any cafeteria or restaurant. You will have additional time in the evenings to devote to other important things.

5. Visit the Library Regularly

Let’s face it: sometimes your house is not the best place to study. There can be tons of distractions that keep you from finishing homework. Your local library is there to help. Try visiting the library after work or early Saturday mornings. For the latter, you could turn homework trips to the library into family outings. Check your local library for any children’s events held on the weekends. While your spouse and kids are enjoying crafty activities, you can be in a private room taking care of business.

In addition to these tips, ask others how they use their time wisely. It wouldn’t hurt to ask your fellow classmates which time management tips they practice. With the right schedule in place, you will be able to create structure in your life. Who says the full-time worker and student can’t manage their time?


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