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The perfect criticism

He knows how to rub my back in just the perfect spot to send pain shooting through me. He knows just the perfect thing to say to irritate me and send my feminism running rampant. He knows how to clean a bathroom and perfectly leave the gross part for me.  Most importantly he knows how to make a perfect scrambled egg. So as you can plainly see, my husband is perfect.

I could go on and on but I don’t want you all to start becoming envious. Truly I am a pretty lucky gal. So how about it? Are you lucky to have a perfect spouse too?

Life gets hard, people get annoying but with a simple change in perspective we can still wear our rose colored glasses without being ignorant. My husband is a good man. I like to think I’m a good woman. I like to think we are both in our imperfections, perfectly trying to do our best.

But… even when we are trying to do our best, there is usually some unseen room for improvement. When I say unseen, I mean unseen to us, not our spouse. While we are blissfully unaware of our need for improvement, our spouses have x-ray vision. They know about how we snore, eat too much chocolate, don’t iron our shirts or are afraid of confrontation.

So when this blatant need for improvement arises how do we handle it? It seems to me this is often where criticism’s dark nature unveils itself.  This is the moment we need to ask ourselves, are we happy when we criticize the people we love? Does our criticism even stem from love or is it the fruits of annoyance?  I am a firm believer that a simple I love you is a far more productive route to improvement and happiness than criticism. Definitely harder to give, but better.  
Be better today than yesterday by slipping on your rose colored glasses even when you know imperfection lies beneath. Give a hug, a compliment, a thoughtful act of service. The perfect criticism begins and ends with love.

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