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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781641702478
Released : 7/1/2020

The Mighty Silent e!

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Book Description

The newest addition to our award-winning Language is Fun series! Join little e as he discovers the power he holds within even while being silent.

Little e is sure he could be a hero?—he even has the cape to prove it! But at school, he is so quiet, he just doesn’t stand out. That is, until one day when Little e doesn’t show up to class. The other letters don’t even notice he’s gone at first, but when c, a, and k try to form a word for dessert, they realize that no matter what they do, they can’t make it work. The whole class is in an uproar! Without their silent friend, what are they going to do? Will Little e finally get his chance to come to the rescue?

With adorable illustrations, The Mighty Silent e teaches spelling and word sounds in a new, exciting way that is sure to engage even the most stubborn reader.

About the Author

Kimberlee Gard
Kimberlee Gard was a reluctant reader as a child and struggled with a learning disorder through her elementary years. Reading...

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