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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781641701594
Released : 10/1/2019

The Gifts of the Animals

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Book Description

The gentle beasts of sky and earth

prepare their stable for Christ's birth. 

With a beautiful narrative by author and poet Carole Gerber and stunning and intricate art by renowned Japanese artist Yumi Shimokawara comes one of the most anticipated Christmas gift books ever published. The Gift of the Animals shares the miraculous offerings the humble animals in the manger gave to the baby Jesus. 

The birds on the roof of the lowly shed 

prepare a pillow for His head, 

with feathers pulled from downy breasts . . . 

mice carry them to where He'll rest.


Celebrating the Savior's birth, this full-color, gold-embossed hardcover is must-have addition to a family's Christmas library and Christmas Eve traditions. 

About the Author

Carole Gerber

Poet and author Carole Gerber has written sixteen picture books, three ch...

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