Helping families be happy
No. of Pages : 256
ISBN: 9781641701402
Released : 7/1/2019

The Family Edge

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What's the most important asset any entrepreneur or business owner needs to succeed? After more than thirty years consulting for Fortune 100 companies, international organizations, and family businesses around the world, Gibb Dyer confirms that the secret ingredient to business and entrepreneurial success is not an MBA from a great school, a fantastic marketing plan, or even a blue ocean strategy. It's access to three types of capital: financial, social, and human. Dyer's three decades worth of research and data conclude statistically that the most effective and successful entrepreneurs have immediate access to these three—all within their family. 

A groundbreaking book for any business owner, family business, or budding entrepreneur, The Family Edge provides clear evidence and powerful tools to help you leverage the asset you need but have probably not paid enough attention to: family capital. 

About the Author

Gibb Dyer
Gibb Dyer (PhD, MIT) is the O. Leslie Stone Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Academic Director of the Ballard Center for...

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