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No. of Pages : 230
ISBN: 9781938301155
eISBN: 9781938301711
Released : 9/5/2013

The Carolyne Letters

A Story of Birth, Abortion and Adoption
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Book Description

Amelia: young, naive, in love. Geoff: charming, narcissistic, intelligent. In a decidedly European affair, a young couple consummates a courtship destined for differences. The resultant pregnancy provides a haunting yet charming backdrop for the challenges of love and its often unwanted decisions.

In the first person and in a creative journal style, author Abigail Calkin explores three choices that Amelia can make—give birth, give the baby up for adoption, or abortion. The resultant exploration and mature reflection provides a unique and rich literary backdrop for the choices each young woman faces when pregnant.

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Praise for The Carolyne Letters

"Abigail Calkin has a unique way of dealing with the dilemma. Not only does this evolve into an intriguing story, but it is also a sensitive look at the options that many unmarried pregnant women must face. Not everyone is likely to feel the intensity of emotions that are portrayed by the novel's main character, but the agony of decision is very real to anyone who has been down this road." —Capital City Weekly Alaska

"One sign of a field's coming of age is its appearance in literature. The Carolyne Letters by Abigail B Calkin, who is a behavior analyst, provides several such signals while following the decision making process of a young woman who in 1964 must decide whether to have her baby and keep it, put it up for adoption, or undergo an abortion. After reading this well-paced book I felt a greater sense of empathy for women in that process." —Behavior Analysis Digest

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