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The Cape Question

(This craft is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Being a Superhero: A Kid’s Manual for Saving the World, Looking Good in Spandex, and Getting Home in Time for Dinner)


Large t-shirt (used or pre-washed)


Heat transfer vinyl, in 1-3 colors (some retailers even carry metallic-looking vinyl)

1. Turn the t-shirt inside out so you can see the seams. Cut off the sleeves.

2. Cut along the side seams of the shirt all the way up. Leave the entire ribbed neck intact. 
*Tip: Angle the line of your cut in toward the center slightly so the bottom of the cape is wider than the top.

3. With the sides cut, open the t-shirt so both sides lay flat. Following the curve of the neckline, cut off the front of the t-shirt, beginning at one shoulder seam and curving around the ribbed neck to meet the line back at the other shoulder.
*Tip: Be sure the line of the cape smoothly transitions into the arch of the neckline, no matter the width of the arch.

4. Clear away extra material. Cape should lay flat with neckline ribbing intact. Trim the length of the cape to fit your superhero’s size.

5. Design and create your logo on heat transfer vinyl.

6. Place the cape on a hard, flat surface that will not be affected by the heat of an iron. Using the heat transfer vinyl, cut out your super logo or another creative design to decorate the cape.
*IMPORTANT: Many heat transfer papers require you to cut out your design in reverse. If your logo includes any letters, check the manufacturer’s instructions, and if this is the case, be sure to cut them out backward so they will transfer correctly. 

7. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the vinyl and peeling back the plastic, and use caution with the hot iron. Be sure to iron all the edges and corners well to make sure your design sticks completely.

8. Allow all decorations to cool completely before donning the cape and saving the world. 

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