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The Art of the Easter Egg Hunt


As a little girl, Easter always was a time of happiness for me. It was Spring—the weather was perfect, flowers were blooming, and the world just seemed better. On Easter morning we would wake up to baskets full of candy, bubbles, chocolate eggs, and other random gifts my mom would find. We would eat a delicious breakfast and talk about the activities for the day. Before lunch we would color and decorate eggs. After lunch there would be an Easter Egg Hunt—that was the best part of the day.

      When I was really young, it was just my brother and I. We liked each other and that made hunting fun. There was also always a spirit of competition that motivated us to search and find the best eggs. Then my sister came along. That’s when the real fun began. My sister is eight years younger than me, and I discovered that I found more joy in helping her find eggs than I did in finding the eggs myself. She would get so excited and ooh and aah over each one that she found.

      Luckily for my mom, my brother and I were always glad to help out. So, when it came time to hide the eggs, we would split them up evenly; I would hide half of the eggs in the front yard, and he would hide the other half of the eggs in the back yard. That way we could still get to hunt, but it was mostly for my sister. It was always a challenge to leave enough of the eggs easily visible for my sister to find, but then make sure that a few of the eggs were hidden well to give my brother a challenge. That became our competition—who could find the best hiding spots?

       As I continued getting older, I found that I still loved to hide eggs and watch and help others find them. My favorite part was the joy on a child’s face as they discovered the secret hiding place of one of the eggs. Many of our close neighbors had little kids, and we started hosting Easter Egg Hunts at our house. I remember the children’s anticipation as we kept them inside and then the excitement when they were released to find the eggs. After the hunt our house would be full of chatter and excited squeals as children began cracking open their eggs and discovering treasures.

      It has been many years since then. My sister and all those neighborhood children are much older now. Most of us still get together to celebrate Easter with fancy meals and grown-up talk, but I long for the days when there was chaos and more kids to parents running around.

I am now married and look forward to the day when I get to be the mom and watch more kids celebrate the Easter season. 



Maggie Wickes is an editor and designer for Familius. She is a great and valuable member of the Familius family. 

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