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Thank a Librarian on School Librarian Day!

On National School Librarian Day, we celebrate the people who keep our libraries running. We wouldn’t have these book sanctuaries without them, so take a moment to thank a librarian with these fun celebration ideas.

As Neil Gaiman said, “Google will bring you back, you know, a hundred thousand answers. A librarian will bring you back the right one.”

Sometimes we don’t appreciate all that librarians do for us. We picture strict librarians with one finger over their lips going Shhh! But that’s not who they actually are. They work long hours keeping our libraries well-stocked and organized; are often the first people to help us find the resources we need; encourage students to read and learn outside of school; and create a calm, inviting space for students, families, and the community to focus on their work.

Beginning as far back as the Library of Alexandria in 4th century B.C., librarians have been watching over the education of their students. If you are a reader and love spending time at the library, thank your librarian. If your child comes home with a stack of books they are excited to read, thank your librarian.

National School Librarian Day is the perfect time to give your librarian the credit that they’re due. Celebrate your librarian with these fun ideas.

Thank a Librarian

The simplest way to thank a librarian is to tell them the words in person, so visit a library and give our librarian recognition for all the hard work they do.

You can get creative with this too. Write some homemade thank-you letters with your kids and their friends, create a poem or a song, or draw some posters the librarian can hang on the wall. You can also volunteer your time to help in the library or create something that will help the librarian, such as cute bookends, book placeholder sticks, or decorations.

Ask for Book Recommendations

Many librarians love being asked for book recommendations, so encourage your children to ask librarians what books they should read whenever they visit. The librarian will have the perfect book for your child’s age and reading level, and your child will feel independent and begin to learn how they should interact in social settings. You can also work with the librarian to create a reading list for at-home learning.

And if you’re visiting the library all the time, just talk to the librarian. Start a conversation. Chat about the weather, sports, what they’re reading, and encourage your kids to do the same. Before you know it, you’ll become friends with the librarian, and visiting the library will be even more fun. (Plus, having a librarian friend might come with some perks, like the first pick of new books!)

Organize a “Student Picks” Book Display with the School

School librarians put a lot of effort into organizing the displays in the library. They try to pick the books they think students will like and make the shelves look fun and eye-catching. You can take a little bit of the pressure off their plate by working with the school to organize a “student picks” or “staff picks” book display.

Have students and faculty suggest their favorite books for display. This list can be paired with notes about why they liked the book and why others should read it. This will make the librarian feel appreciated and cared for. What a better legacy than to have students love the books they’ve read from your library?

You could also work with the school to gift the librarian posters, artwork, or even a hand-drawn book wall, or to host a book drive, book swap, librarian luncheon, or reading party.

Put Together a Bookish Gift Basket

Everyone likes receiving gifts made especially for them, and librarians are no exception. To show your appreciation, you can put together a bookish gift basket for your librarian.

Pack it full of items you think your librarian will love: self-care items like bath bombs or lotions, gift certificates, candies and treats. If you’re unsure what they’d like, you can never go wrong with a book theme. You can include book themed candles, pencils and pens, mugs, T-shirts, bookmarks, and so much more.

For more gift ideas, check out this list from giftbeta.com: 38 Brilliant Gifts for Librarians.

Give Them Books

Your librarian spends a lot of time choosing books specifically curated for you. Take this time to gift them books specifically curated for them.

If you have books that you don’t read anymore, you can donate them to your library. However, you don’t have to give away your book collection; you can always give your librarian a new book you think they will love. Your child’s favorite book or cute picture books about literature, like Book by David W. Miles and The Little i Who Lost His Dot from our Language is Fun! series by Kimberlee Gard, would be the perfect gift for a word collector like your librarian.

Including a heartfelt note will make the gift an irreplaceable treasure this National School Librarians Day.

Children’s Books Your Librarian Will Love

To learn more about National School Librarian day, read the article “National School Librarian Day” from National Today.

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