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10 Children’s Books for Your Easter Basket

Picking just the right thing for your child’s Easter basket every year can be a real struggle. A dress and candy? Baseball cards and a chocolate rabbit? And what if you’re buying for a toddler or baby? If you’ve run out of ideas this year, here are ten cute and fun children’s books for your Easter basket.

A Spring Stroll in the City

by Cathy Goldberg Fishman

illustrated by Melanie Hall

Board Book

A board book full of the sights, sounds, colors, and smells of spring, A Spring Stroll in the City is perfect for Easter. With simple rhymes, a counting pattern, and beautiful, brightly colored art, you can sit with your child and discover all of the exciting holidays and celebrations that make spring special.

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by Annemarie Riley Guertin

illustrated by Maria Brzozowska

Picture Book

A picture book made for the rainy season, Thundermaestro inspires children to turn the wind, rain, and thunder of spring showers into a musical masterpiece. Each sound of the gathering storm is turned into playful words that your child can conduct like a symphony. Following the call of creativity and imagination, your child will have a new outlook on the beauty of spring storms.

Gardens Are for Growing

by Chelsea Tornetto

illustrated by Hsulynn Pang

Picture Book

Depicting how the love between a father and daughter grows like the seeds they plant, Gardens Are for Growing is an ode to the spring season and new beginnings. Filled with gorgeous illustrations of plants and families as they pass through the seasons of life, this is a picture book your child will hold on to.

Lit for Little Hands: The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

adapted by Brooke Jorden

illustrated by David Miles

Interactive Board Book

A board book about blossoming friendship and gardening magic, Lit for Little Hands: The Secret Garden shares Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved classic novel in simple, engaging prose your child will love. With lavish illustrations and interactive elements, such as wheels and pull-tabs, this book will transport your child into a springtime garden.

G Is for Gardening

by Ashley Marie Mireles

illustrated by Volha Kaliaha

Board Book

A board book about everything gardening from A to Z, G Is for Gardening is the perfect  introduction for kids. What a better time to teach your kids a love for gardening than during spring when everything in the garden is growing? Whether you are starting your own garden this spring or have a kid who loves to get their hands dirty, this book will give your kid a big smile when they see it in their Easter basket.

Alice’s Magic Garden

by Henry Herz

illustrated by Natalie Hoopes

Picture Book

An imaginative prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice’s Magic Garden will transport your child into a springtime wonderland. With plants and animals that come to life under Alice’s care, color and cheer will jump right off this picture book’s pages. Whether your child’s a fan of Alice’s adventures or you just want to experience the whimsy of Wonderland, this magic garden will liven up your Easter basket.

How the Finch Got His Colors

by Annemarie Riley Guertin

illustrated by Helena Pérez García

Picture Book

With bright colors and beautiful animals, How the Finch Got His Colors is a celebration of nature that’s perfect for spring. This story, based on a Belgian folktale, will teach your child the power of patience and the beauty of all creatures, just in time for all the animals to come out of hibernation this spring.

Creature from the Woods

by Megan Alms

illustrated by Fabrizio di Baldo

Board Book

The woods are full of cute baby animals, and so is this lush board book. Illustrated in rich woodland colors, Creature from the Woods will teach your child about all the animals that come out in spring. (An Easter basket can always use more baby animals.)

P Is for Purr

by Carole Gerber

illustrated by Susanna Covelli

Picture Book

This ABC picture book is for the cat lovers. Easter is known for cute, fuzzy animals, and P Is for Purr has them in abundance. With fun feline facts and huggable illustrations on every page, your little cat lover will be thrilled to see this book in their Easter basket, and as a bonus for you, they’ll be learning at the same time.

I’ll Love You for Always

by Peter Hinckley

illustrated by Lu Green

Picture Book

I’ll Love You for Always is an adorable and heartfelt addition to your child’s Easter basket. With six prompts, you can write six beautiful love letters to your child directly in the book. Accompanied by brightly colored illustrations and love birds, your child can carry your love with them wherever they go.

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Shaelyn Topolovec earned a BA in editing and publishing from BYU, worked on several online publications, and joined the Familius family. Shae is currently an editor and copywriter who lives in California’s Central Valley.

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