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No. of Pages : 224
ISBN: 9781939629258
Released : 10/2/2014


An Architect's Journey into Sustainability
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Book Description

After practicing conventional glass, steel, and concrete architecture for more than thirty years, an award-winning architect discovers the concept of sustainable living and embarks on a journey that ends with his own strawbale home at the foot of the Grand Tetons.

A complete source of information for sustainable and off-the-grid construction, Shelter explores the principles of sustainable living and then illustrates actual execution of those principles in the author’s strawbale home. Both an exploration of sustainability from an architect’s point of view as well as a practical reference for home builders, Shelter is an indispensable resource to those interested in leaving a smaller foot print on the environment.

Follow the author from the beginning idea through the planning, designing, and constructing to the realities of living in his strawbale dream home.

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Praise for Shelter

"It was fun to play an early part in Wayne's transition from a conventional architect to one involved with creating housing and buildings from sustainable materials that are appropriate and vital for the era in which we live. His journey is one of inspiration and vision to be shared by all." Bill Steen, author of the bestselling The Straw Bale House

About the Author

Wayne Bingham

Wayne Bingham is an architect, author, and photographer. He has practiced architecture for a wide variety of private and public buildings in the United States. As past President of AIA Salt Lake...

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