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Seven Ways to Make the Most of Summer Nights

Summer nights are longer, and a cool respite from the heat of the day. And of course–no school!  With so much beautiful weather to enjoy and plenty of time to enjoy it, it’s no wonder there are so many fun things attributed to summer nights. Here are some suggestions to help you and your family make the most of them!


1. Classic: Firefly-catching



However old you get, there will still be a magical quality to the glow of fireflies. They always seem to know when the right time to play is, and their glow provides such beauty to a day’s end. If you do choose to capture some, of course, plan to set them free. Enjoy their synchronized glow for some minutes before releasing them back into their natural home—if you want to see more tomorrow, that is!  (Photo credit: Babble)


2. Create Your Own Glow

This idea came from Pinterest and it looks like so much fun! This is a simple and cheap after-dark activity for you, your children, and, well, everyone! Who could possibly resist glowing bubbles?


3. Play Flashlight Tag


Flashlight Tag is a fun and simple upgrade from the classic game of tag.  If you’re a faithful rule follower, the official game instructions can be found at Spoonful. It’s simple, it’s fun, and a little like laser tag. Prepare to have a blast!


4. Truck-bed Stargazing


Stargazing just reached a whole new level of amazing. Add all the comforts of home to your car—or truck in this case—and pick a spot to view one of nature’s most stunning shows. If you don’t have a truck, no worries! Just lay out a blanket and enjoy the stars picnic-style.  (Photo credit: Just a Small Town Girl)


5. Build a Campfire


Whether you’re at the beach or at a fire pit in your own backyard, sitting around a campfire is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy a summer night. Sing songs, roast s’mores or just sit and enjoy the sparks and flames. This activity is best for older children, or at least saved until the littlest ones have gone to bed. This page from SurvivalTek provides a tutorial on how to build a fire, for those of you who haven’t learned yet.


6. Critter Tracking


While you’re acquiring your Eagle Scout skills, consider doing some nature tracking in your own backyard. This fun tutorial from Parents online is simple and informative. Your curious kiddos are sure to love discovering what’s creeping and crawling right under their noses.


7. Outdoor Movie Theater


This how-to guide from Prairie Hive is very inspirational! Outdoor movies are the perfect blend of relaxing and enjoying the summer night air. Pick your favorite flick and have at it!

Gorgeous evenings are a luxury that summer provides, but how you choose to enjoy it is up to you! The activity doesn’t have to be complicated. You can go for an evening stroll or just sit out on the porch—all you have to do is step outside. That’s the beauty of it!



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