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No. of Pages : 165
ISBN: 9781939629630
Released : 4/7/2015

Red Zone, Blue Zone

Turning Conflict into Opportunity
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Book Description

Most of us fear and dread conflict, at home or at work. But conflict can be your ally, not your enemy. Conflict doesn’t have to tear your family or organization apart.

Using the story of a family business leader embroiled in generational conflict, Red Zone, Blue Zone shows how to navigate conflict in a way that is healthy and leads to enhanced relationships, self-awareness, and greater leadership success. Practical response activities and personal reflection questions help the reader understand the sources of conflict, have a working command of conflict navigation principles, and be equipped to help others navigate conflict in their own lives.

In Red Zone, Blue Zone readers will learn skills such as:

  • Questioning, 
  • Listening
  • Pacing
  • Reframing


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Praise for Red Zone, Blue Zone

“A powerful message for today's leaders—that workplace conflict is not a threat, but an opportunity to connect, learn, and understand how we can better serve those we lead."

—Tanveer Naseer, MSc., award-winning leadership writer, Inc. 100 leadership speaker, and author of Leadership Vertigo

About the Author

Jim Osterhaus
Jim Osterhaus is a senior partner with TAG. He is a clinical psychologist and a dynamic executive coach and public speaker with extensive experience in helping individuals, couples, families, and orga...

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