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Proud of pink

Growing up as a macho young man the thought of wearing the color pink never crossed my mind. It was one of those ultra feminine colors on par with yellow. Plus, would pink really look good with a mullet?

Funny how one’s perception around a color can change.

With pink being the ribbon-bearing color for breast cancer, I find more and more pink entering my wardrobe. With my wife Cindy’s experience with breast cancer and all of the functions that come with supporting the fight against it, I now find myself with many choices of pink themed shirts, hats, bandanas and socks.

It only took our first function supporting Weber State Universities breast cancer awareness softball game for me to get inline. Cindy was there to throw out the first pitch and by the end of the first inning I was very comfortable sporting my new favorite color…minus the mullet.

Real men can wear pink!

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