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Pajama parenting

You see, around the time I began taking steps to live less distracted and be more present in my family’s life, I would go in her room and watch her sleep.

When I crept into her bedroom and studied her face, I saw an indescribable look of peace blanketing her lovely features. I saw that she was going to be okay. And even though I wasn’t the parent I wanted to be for part of her life, I could say, “I’m here now; I’m trying to do things differently.” Just acknowledging that significant fact gave me hope.

If you haven’t watched your child sleep, I encourage you to do so. Creep in quietly and gaze at the peace on your child’s face. And then look at those pajamas. Those particular pajamas are only here for a season, a very brief season. But rather than being sad about this, be hopeful!

Think about it like this

If you find yourself in a season of struggle, faced with one challenge after another, know that it will pass. Tomorrow you will be stronger having endured these hardships.

If you find yourself in a season of uncertainty—not knowing who you are or who you want to be—know that you will find your way. Today you are asking the right questions to get yourself there.

If you find yourself in a season of disappointment—regret for the choices you’ve made or the life you’ve been living—know that today is a new day. You have awareness that you didn’t have before, and you will choose more wisely now.

Pajamas have a season. Children have a season. Each and every one of us has a season.

Despite what happened last season, today begins a new season. Today you are waking up to what matters in life. And whether those pajamas have pandas, Ninja Turtles, or superheroes, stop and gaze at the precious human being wearing them and remember, your children will eventually outgrow those pajamas—but they will never outgrow your love.

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