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Painting Ideas for Kids

Painting can be a great activity for kids, especially if they are artistically inclined. The usual brush and paper free-style can get old. If you are trying to add some creativity to this activity there are a few things you can do. Let your kids use their imagination, but help them discover new tools and canvases so they don’t start discovering their walls as their new canvas.  

Use creative tools

Use tools that have absolutely nothing to do with painting. Toys can make great paint brushes. You never know what patterns will come from household items. Fantastic Fun and Learning used trucks, rocks, Pom Poms, and yarn. They also used things from the kitchen like vegetables, popcorn kernels and plastic forks!


Paint with Glue

Yes, the stuff that usually holds all of your craft together is actually a very cool painting tool. Housing a Forest says to take some glue and food coloring then watch the colors swim. You can make designs in the glue by swirling around a toothpick. It’s very fun and the pieces turns out colorfully abstract.


Step in it

Use paint to color babies’ or young ones’ feet and hands to make masterpieces. You can print them and create animals and other designs for a fun way to remember how small he or she was. Kids love to get dirty, so they will love this adventure. The Plaid Palette has great ideas for hand and footprints like an owl, a vase of flowers, or a fleet of firemen.


Go to the moon

Create a piece of your child’s art to go in his or her room. Take some paint similar to the colors of the moon like silver white and light gray, and have your child paint the moon on top of a plastic lid. Then, print it. Make it look even better by setting the back to a black starry night like Inspiration On Laboratories did in their tutorial.


Play Marbles


Marble painting, from One Perfect Day Blog, is just like what it sounds like. It makes for cool covers for homemade journals or a backdrop for your favorite quote to hang on the wall. It is a very simple process and it makes the paint look fantastic. Dip some globs of paint on your page and roll a marble through it to make the paint spread!


Spin the Paint

Putti’s World shows us the use of spinning a canvas under the paint. Spin art makes kids have control of the design of their masterpiece. You can use lids, paper plates and CDs. The item is printed to paper and you can do it more than once to get whatever design you want. Try all the objects you can get a good spin on!


Splat It

Another from Putti’s World, splattering paint can be even more fun. Kids can hurl the paint at a canvas and enjoy the splatter attack. They can even use their paint-filled hands to leave their mark on the canvas when they are all done. Make sure to put the little ones outside so they don’t their hands the couch too!


Last, but not least, Freeze it!

Leaning 4 Kids had the great idea to freeze the paint. Now it’s like your paint turned into a giant, acrylic crayon. The big tools make vibrant pictures. Kids will have so much fun with their chunky, frozen tools that they will make tons of pictures!

Moral of the story, give anything a try. Painting is always fun, but mixing up your tools and experimenting with the paint can make it even more fun.  You can do these activities when you need an inside idea or even outside on a nice day. Who knows, maybe some sand, a flower or just the inspiration will make your child’s painting come to life! If you need more great ideas of objects to use, try this list of 52 paint ideas from Nurture Store.  And, if you want to keep some paints and a brush on the side to add detail to any of your masterpieces, put the paint into an old egg carton like Teaching Preschool did. Enjoy your day of painting!

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