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Our Top 13 Books to Help You Be an Incredible Dad

Not every father is born with the immediate knowledge of how to be an incredible dad. Whether you’re a first-time father or someone with years of experience, there is always a book about being an incredible dad that is just for you.


1. Dude to Dad: The First 9 Months by Hugh Weber

For first-time dads, this candid book will teach you how to make the lifetime transition from being a dude to being a dad.

2. Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl: A Dad’s Survival Guide to Raising Daughters by Brian A. Klems

Sometimes, having girls can be scary for fathers. This book, written by a father of three girls, explains how to deal with dolls, tea parties, dance recitals, and dating.

3. Lessons for Dylan: From Father to Son by Joel Siegel

After being diagnosed with cancer, author Joel Siegel wrote down everything he learned in his 58 years of life that he wanted his first born son to know as he grew up.

4. Keeping the Baby Alive till Your Wife Gets Home by Walter Roark

This not so typical parenting guide mixes fun with fact, teaching fathers that you don’t need to be perfect to be an incredible dad.

5. Fatherneed: Why Father Care is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child by Kyle Pruett

Fathers provide a unique role in a child’s life, and this book is here to prove to you, using academic research and true stories from real families, that fathers are just as important as mothers.

6. Muddling Through: Perspectives on Parenting by Bil Lepp

A quick read from a professional storyteller and father of an eight and an eleven year old, this book is chalk full of advice on how to raise your children.

7. Dad Gets a Minivan: Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad by Dan Zevin

Filled with comic relief, wit, and warmth, this book chronicles a stay-at-home dad as he journeys through life with his working wife, his two children, his helpful mother, and his obese Labrador mutt.

8. Living in the Trenches: Successful Family Strategies from a Father of Nine (Yes, Nine) by Christopher Robbins

Juggling nine children with nine different personalities is no easy feat, but father Christopher Robbins is a master at working the imperfect system called parenthood.

9. The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish

This military-style guide of pregnancy, birth, and babyhood hilariously describes the bare minimum skills that a dad needs to help his wife give birth and to change his baby’s diapers.

10. Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

From stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, this book conveys the joys and horrors of raising five children in a house where the adults are outnumbered by the kids.

11. Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity by Joel Stein

This uproarious book follows about-to-be father Joel Stein as he panics about having a baby boy, and feels the need to express his masculinity and maturity by participating in a series of haphazard activities.

12. Glad to Be Dad: A Call to Fatherhood by Tim J. Myers

In this inspiring novel, stay-at-home dad Tim J. Myers expresses the joy of fatherhood that he has experienced while raising his three children.

13. Monkey Dance: A Father, Two Kids, and a Journey to the Ends of the Earth by Daniel Glick

After a painful divorce and the death of his brother, Daniel Glick takes his two children on a six-month tour of the world’s most exotic habitats, offering reflections on fatherhood, life, and our planet throughout the journey.

Being an incredible dad takes dedication, practice, and a lot of reading. Any of these thirteen books would make a great Father’s Day gift, allowing dads to learn about being a parent through comedy, inspiring accounts, and books offering incredible advice on fatherhood.

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