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My favorite holiday tradition

My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas caroling with friends at a nursing home on Christmas Eve. – Kathryn Thompson

My favorite holiday tradition was born out of a season of fiscal want. With little money for extras I convinced my young children that they should make each other’s Christmas presents. The hidden blessing in this practice was that it created moments of one on one time with each of my children as I helped them craft their gifts. Not only did we have fun, it gave us unforced opportunities to talk about each of their siblings; their qualities, likes, kindnesses etc. It also wrapped them up soundly in the spirit of giving so well they couldn’t wait to see the gifts they gave opened. The practice continued well past the season if necessity and into their adult lives.

-Teresa Clark

My favorite holiday tradition is singing Christmas carols around the piano. It warms my heart!-April Perry

My favorite tradition is marching down the hall, oldest person in the family first, as we sing “Jingle Bells” and ring sleigh bells. It is each person’s job to exclaim “Look at what Santa brought!” to get the little ones excited.- Dene Low aka Laura Card

My favorite holiday tradition is the music.  My favorite Christmas song is “O come, o come, Emmanuel” because it speaks to the yearning of all humanity for good.- Timothy Myers

What is your favorite holiday tradition?  I love helping my

children think about and pick out gifts for other family members.  It

is important to me that they learn how wonderful it is to GIVE at

Christmastime, not just get. They are all very young, so it surprises

me sometimes how much thought they put into their gift choices.  I

also love all the singing!-Ashley Nance

My favorite holiday tradition is going to my parents home near the mountains and cutting down our Christmas tree.-Charla J Schneider

As a kid, I always loved the times we were allowed to sleep around the Christmas tree in the living room. We’d snuggle into piles of pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags, and fall asleep to a recording of our favorite book. The glow of the tree lights was warm and comforting, and there was always the feeling that everything was right with the world, that at that moment at least, nothing could possibly go wrong. –David Miles

Inviting almost all my local friends, and even a few business clients to join us for Christmas dinner–some years we get a large crowd and other years just a few people, but it’s always  a happy occasion – Cynthia MacGregor

The family sleepover the weekend before Christmas. Every Christmas my children and their families sleepover at our house to celebrate Christmas a week early so my children and their spouses don’t have to alternate families to spend Christmas with each year. Mostly I don’t like to share–pretty ironic at Christmas, but there you go. – Cheri Earl


My favorite holiday tradition is sleeping under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve.  I used to do it every year with my brother and sisters and waking up under the tree and tearing into the presents was also something I looked forward to!-Jesse LaBeau

Making homemade treats and taking them to our neighbors while caroling as a family.- Berry Rellaford

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