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No. of Pages : 112
ISBN: 9781942934424
Released : 4/5/2016

Mother Always Knows Best (At Least According to Her)

175 Jokes for the Only Angel Who Uses a Whisk
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Book Description

Moms have such tender, loving, caring hands . . . unless they’re brandishing a wooden spoon.

Shared laughter is the highest form of tribute and respect. Mother Always Knows Best (At Least According to Her) is a collection warm, witty, respectful laughs about moms and their children. The quick one-liners and observations are all original, first-time-in-print laugh lines. From award-winning comedy writers Gene Perret and daughter Linda Perret, this joke book is guaranteed to be great fun for the family—especially Mom. This book is a tender admission that despite squabbles, conflicts, arguments, disagreements, Mom was always right. We acknowledge that, and we thank her for it.

About the Author

Gene Perret
I'm basically a comedy writer and much of my experience has been in television. I've won three Emmies and one Writers Guild Award for work on the "Carol Burnett Show" staff. I worked for Bob Hope for ...
Linda Perret
Linda Perret has worked with Homeowner’s Associations for almost twenty years. Most of her tenure has b...

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