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Divorce Contributors

David Miles

David's Topics:  Young Fiction, Music & Art...
Hi there, I'm the Creative Director for Familius.

Dene Low

Dene's Topics:  Family Fun, Time Together...
Dene Low is a grandparent. She thought she knew how to grandparent until she interviewed over thirty grandparents for this book, who shared their wisdom and experiences. Dene is a former journalist and is an award-winning author of novels, short stories, articles, and s...


Diane's Topics:  Parenting, Divorce...
Professionally, I am a certified family law mediator and divorce coach, and a former medical malpractice trial attorney. My personal life titles include wife, stepmom, girl scout troop leader, daughter and daughter in-law, and volunteer. I sit on the Board of Director...

Jim Osterhaus

Jim's Topics:  Communication, Divorce...
Hi there, I'm Jim.


Judy's Topics:  Parenting, Love...
Judy Gilliam is an educator who has served as a teacher, principal, superintendent and college professor. Her greatest points of pride are her children and grandchildren, who inspired her debut book Florence and Her Fantastic Family Tree.