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No. of Pages : 40
ISBN: 9781641700405
Released : 9/3/2018

Luis and Tabitha

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Book Description

Luis is an alley cat who has everything figured out . . . until he meets Tabitha, a beautiful indoor cat. Separated by a tragic glass door, Luis will do anything to be with Tabitha—even brave the dangers of a fire.
With adorable illustrations and undeniable style, Luis and Tabitha is the story of two star-crossed kitties who prove that true love conquers all.

Praise for Luis and Tabitha

"Luis and Tabitha is the purr-fect story of why one should never judge a book by its cover. A timeless love story kids and parents will surely enjoy."
-Paul Czajak Author of the Monster & Me Series, Seaver the Weaver, and soon to be released, The Book Tree

About the Author

Stephanie Campisi
Stephanie Campisi is an Australian-born, Washington-based author who writes twisty odysseys involving strange characters and stranger plots. She credits shameless eavesdropping with the majori...

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