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No. of Pages : 14
ISBN: 9781641700085
Released : 3/1/2019

Little Lacers: 123

Lace & Learn Your First Numbers!
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Book Description

Little Lacers: 123 combines the fun of lacing cards with the portable convenience of a book! Seven lacing cards—each cut into shapes from the numbers 1 through 10—are bound together into this colorful book adorned with delightful woodland characters and scenes. Using three colored shoelaces, children can learn the numbers 1 through 10 by lacing the holes cut around each large number. Little Lacers: 123 is the incredible, tactile way to learn, and better yet, the shoelaces conveniently store in a compartment embedded in the front cover! No lost cards, no bulky boxes—just hours of number-lacing fun!

About the Author

Peter Hinckley
Peter Hinckley is child number five in a family of seven children. He has been writing and drawing since he was a kid, though...

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