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Lessons Learned from Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reminisce on all the lessons that we have learned from our dads. In order to get a complete picture of fatherhood, it’s important that we learn from other people’s fathers as well as our own. Here are 7 lessons that the authors of Lessons from My Parents and I have learned from our dads.

Be Careful

“If there is one principle that my father managed to wire permanently into my synapses, it is this: you can never be too careful. Addressing everything from choking hazards to street smarts, my father armed me and my siblings to the teeth with rules, guidelines, and instructions aimed at securing our safety.” (Krista Graham Boscawen, Lessons from My Parents, 70)

Value Love

My dad tells my mom that he loves her every day. He says those three small words when he wakes up in the morning, when he goes to bed at night, and always right before he hangs up the phone. My dad taught me to tell those around me that I love them, and in return, value their love with all of my heart.


Stay Calm

“My father’s calm, his perspective, his eschewing of anger, provided me with the lesson still at the core of my pedagogy—four decades into my teaching career: anger rarely moves young people in positive directions; searching calmly for solutions does. Homework, test scores, behavior: these things can be fixed—as long as we stay well and work together.” (James Penha Tangerang, Lessons from My Parents, 200)


Keep Your Promises

My dad always says that there isn’t much in the world that is more important than keeping your promises. Whether it’s taking your child to get ice cream after their soccer practice or attending a wedding, promises should never be broken.


Be Grateful for Everyday Acts of Love

“Here it is, Dad: pearls lose their luster and cameras break, but small everyday acts of love remain with you a lifetime.” (Evelyn Krieger Sharon, Lessons from My Parents, 166)


Work Hard

Hard work is at the core of every success in life. My dad worked hard to get into a good college. He worked hard to get a job, and to pay back his school loans. To this day, he still works hard to provide me with a future that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without his help, and some hard work of my own. I am thankful every day that my dad taught me the importance of giving one hundred and ten percent to everything that I do.


Accept Life as It Is

“It’s pointless to think of what could or should have been. I’ve learned to accept what is, and that I must make the most of my existence in this place. This, I learned from my father.” (Rossana D’Antonio, Lessons from My Parents, 103)


Your dad may have instilled in you a sense of hard work, the value of love, or even the ability to stay calm in difficult situations. No matter the lesson, Father’s Day is the best time to thank your dad for everything he has done for you throughout the years. Nobody is perfect, and even dads make mistakes. Whether they set positive examples or teach you what not to do, there are always plenty of lessons to be learned from our dads.

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