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No. of Pages : 224
ISBN: 9781942934479
Released : 6/7/2016

Intentional Relationship

How to Work and Succeed with Others
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Every day, our actions are structured by our relationships. Whether it be through family ties, a shared workspace, a favorite hobby, or some other repeated interaction, we are constantly building relationships. But do we ever stop to consider why we are in a relationship with a particular person? How can we make important relationships stronger? And how can we avoid unhealthy relationships?


From Fortune 500 consultant Ken Tucker, Intentional Relationships answers these questions and more in a surprising, life-changing, and career-enhancing way. Recognize and celebrate the most valuable connections in your life by practicing Intentional Relationships.

About the Author

Ken Tucker
As a thought leader, Ken Tucker brings many years of being a highly sought-after speaker and...

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